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There's No One (1) in AI

Give the mic at live crisis news reports to a bot
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Well, we just survived another hurricane. For those of us who are overnighters and check the news periodically, that means we're first accosted by images "live" from outdoors near or in the crisis situation.

"Please, be safe and take warnings seriously!", bleats a featherweight reporter before the camera as he's pelted by rain and bits of detritus blowing around. Fine example you're setting, bruh!

Then, within a few hours, content farms halfway around the world are compiling streamed footage for Reels and TikTok; and, from all points "video content creators" drive in to stream their adventures and perhaps show how badly people have it. Fat little help any of those are.

Consequently, what is needed is a reliable and real time robot sentinel for crisis situations. A real lead-footed and low-profile all-weather glutton for getting into difficult environments and streaming what's going on. Viewers would have a choice: Watch and listen as people scream "Oh my God!" as sheets of blinding rain obscure their windows, or watch and listen as a report-bot displays environmental conditions and its location while offering directions to confused people nearby or marking incidents for follow up when rescue services are available.

reensure, Sep 03 2023

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       I want the "extra panic" option filmed with a lightning generator, firehose and wind tunnel grade fan behind the camera. I'm sure I paid for extra panic somewhere recently.
Voice, Sep 03 2023

       [Voice] Your Terror & Outrage Team 10% member discount is only honored by No One [1] in AI after your first full-price purchase of their monitoring package. All subsequent purchases will be honored by any of T&OT's partner services. Have a fearful day.
minoradjustments, Sep 05 2023

       Indispensable with zombies. [+]   

       Might backfire though, come the AI / robot uprising apocalypse.
pertinax, Sep 06 2023

       I understand the idea, but not the title. How is A1 involved or uninvolved in AI?
pashute, Sep 06 2023


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