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Analogue clock warms thermometers to show the time.
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Instead of hour hands, this unusual clock would have 12 short thermometers that start at the center and extend radially, halfway out on the clock face. The same number of longer, minute thermometers would be placed under the hour thermometers. The thermometers could be heated by individual infrared LED's.

The time is shown by heating those respective hour and 5th minute thermometers so the alcohol expands out across the clock face making a "hand", as the earlier one recedes. The minute hand should probably be a different color to eliminate confusion between an increasing/decreasing minute hand and the hour hand. Any change in room temperature would affect all the thermometers equally and to a lesser degree.

FarmerJohn, Oct 09 2002


       So if you have too much fun in there, time's going fly?
General Washington, Oct 09 2002

       So by cooling your room you could slow down time? This is clever FJ. It gives a new meaning to refering to 12:00 as "straight up" or to "blowing off some time."
hollajam, Oct 09 2002

       It's a great idea, but my croissant is for the name.
madradish, Oct 09 2002

       Make it bob up and down like an ether chicken.
Mr Burns, Oct 09 2002

       Something tells me that were one to snoop around the FJ digs, one would find perhaps a lone Westclox Silver Bell wind-up ticking away. This man has serious clock fantasies.
waugsqueke, Oct 09 2002


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