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Thermoelectric kiddy light

When torches are just not good enough
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Sometimes kids like the light left on at night and you know if you give them a torch they will be back at 3 in the morning for some more batteries...

Thermoelectrics to the rescue...
- take one thermoelectric device
- attached one little bulb
- shrink wrap in plastic (and make it look cute)
- hand to child when required

madness, Jan 14 2005

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       'madness'- what's the obsession with thermoelectrics??
DaveW-H, Jan 14 2005

       They hug it because it is cute, they jump into bed with it and it glows for them... and they live happily ever after.   

       Oh... the body heat makes it glow.
madness, Jan 14 2005

       To be honest thermoelectrics are the answer to the problems plaguing humanity... that is global warming and batteries running out.
madness, Aug 16 2006


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