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The SoapySuit

It's Bathtime on the Run!
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Tired of dealing with kids at bathtime? With the SoapySuit, yours kids will beg for bathtime! The SoapySuit is a colorful plastic drysuit with two hose connections. For bath phase 1, simply have the kid suit up, and use the attached hose to fill the suit to the indicated line with soapy water. The kid is then directed to run around like a madman, thereby inducing a powerful washing action. When they are tired, simply attach the rinse hose, and then the hair dryer attachment to complete the cycle.

Leaving your child in the SoapySuit all day is not recommended.

tspyz, Oct 03 2006

(?) Thing is, she's only six. http://www.doganart...rtrait/wrinkles.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2006]

For those not familiar, here's Bib http://en.wikipedia...e:Michelin_logo.PNG
Wikipedia's Michelin connection [Canuck, Oct 04 2006]


       This could be fun to watch. Would it be asking too much if one could be made for Fluffy the cat?
augusta, Oct 03 2006

       I want one just for hanging out. [+]
daseva, Oct 03 2006

       and when it's feeding time.... just pump in the porridge +
xenzag, Oct 03 2006

       help develop muscles with this thing, its bound to be heavy.
po, Oct 04 2006

       And for dessert, pump in the custard (sorry, it was begging to be said).   

       <Just wondering - would SoapySuit during blow-dry cycle be likely to draw a lawsuit from Bib and his Michelin lawyers? >
Canuck, Oct 04 2006

       I would be worried about electrocution with the hair dryer attachment if all the water was not gone.
xandram, Oct 04 2006

       I'm thinking giant hamster ball.   

       That all, just thought I would let you all know what was on my mind.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 04 2006

       I'm thinking giant hamster ball.//   

       Great idea! Zorbing with a soapy water filled ball.
webfishrune, Oct 05 2006


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