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Thirst-Inducing Powder

Mix of spices specially formulated to make you thirsty
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Executive summary: Various spice mixes designed to be both tasty and to induce thirst.

Using simple clinical trials, analyze different combinations of spices to determine which combinations of spices are most effective at eliciting thirst (e.g., provide food and water to subjects and see how much water they drink).

Then, sell the powder as a product for helping purchasers drink more water.

Possible customers:

• People who have difficulty regulating their water intake (I'll note that the thirst response tends to weaken with age).

• People who think drinking more water will make them healthier.

• People who tend to buy any supplement with the phrase "all natural" in the name.

aguydude, Jul 01 2020


       Baked and WKTE as 'seasoning packet' in any boxed 'food' found in every corner of Earth. Also found as 'salt' on the snacks at AnyBar in the Universe, including Milliways.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 01 2020

       Well, obviously you could cheat and use salt or sugar. The intent here would be to use other spices.   

       And yes, this is true of basically any spice packet. But this one would be marketed to a somewhat different audience.   

       Finally, while this may be true of any spice packet, some spices may be more effective than others.
aguydude, Jul 01 2020

       Anything that makes you sweat.   

       Or a salt substitute perhaps.   

       Or too much of just about any spice at all.
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2020

       Sports drinks tend to be self-propagating, what with the salts for "electrolyte replacement".
FlyingToaster, Jul 01 2020

       Salt and vinegar crisps do an excellent job of increasing my need to drink many pints of beer in the pub.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 01 2020


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