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This is a link

Turn unlinked text into an open browser
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This is almost certainly already here somewhere. I can't figure out how to find this by searching.

Implemented either via firefox extension or small program, a bit of code which takes either selected text (in the Firefox case) or clipboard text (in the second case) and opens a new browser with the text as the URL.

Useful for when people paste links instead of linking them.

Lazy, yes, as all it does is save you Ctrl-C Ctrl-T (firefox) Ctrl-V Useful if you are surfing with just the mouse and too lazy to head for the keyboard, or if you're on a mobile device with an inconvenient keyboard.

Problem with the second case is running the program. Binding it to a keyboard shortcut defeats the purpose, finding an icon for it on the desktop could be equally inconvenient. Perhaps a system tray icon.

Kudos to boysparks for reminding me that this will also need to work in other software, such as notepad and when ms word doesn't properly format a URL.

ericscottf, Mar 03 2008

Enso http://www.humanize...sowebsearchanywhere
i think enso can do this [ironfroggy, Mar 04 2008]


       Installed programs can add to context menus, I'm just not sure if they can add to the context menu of a specific program, but I would think it is possible.
marklar, Mar 03 2008

       Sounds like it might need an OS that parses all URL-like text into links - which means any unusual punctuation or esoteric emoticons get the treatment. but maybe!   

       As it stands, in firefox -
1. select text intended as link
2. drag to URL bar
3. hit enter/click arrow thing
4. Robert is your mum's brother. (Your aunt's name is unrepeatable in good company.)
navel-gazer, Mar 03 2008

       holy-moly, navel-gazer, i had no idea that firefox treated text as drag and dropable to the address bar. Thanks! I'll be thinking of you next time i don't need my left hand to operate an unlinked address...... :)   

       I'm gonna leave this idea up, though, as it still stands for other software, like notepad, wordpad, even some email clients (i still use pegasus - which only links when it feels up to it)
ericscottf, Mar 03 2008

       Hmm. Try this.   

       Select some text. Hold down the middle mouse button. Swipe the mouse. Try to end the swipe inside your current selection.   

       Voila, a web page opens.   

       Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. It's working for me on the halfbakery site viewed through Firefox.   

       Normally it works when I least expect and/or want it.
mylodon, Mar 03 2008

       With Google's toolbar installed (on IE), you can highlight and right-click text to search for that selected text in Google. Using it as a URL can be a monumental leap forward from that technology.   

       It also provides "send to" shortcuts for: Blog, SMS and Gmail. Shouldn't be too hard to have it "send to" a browser.
half, Mar 03 2008

       Deef: I'd rather not have to buy a mac to do what i want.   

       Mylodon: Your method does nothing for me but activate the scroll thing.   

       Half- I'm so sorry that you use IE. my sympathies. Did you know that firefox is free now? (Firefox does what you are describing, btw)
ericscottf, Mar 03 2008


       Scroll wheels should be banned. But most allow you to click. Try clicking without scrolling. Then dragging.   

       I dislike the feature though even with a regular middle button, it's real fiddly.
mylodon, Mar 03 2008

       Thanks, but I have no issues with IE. I've never been attacked or exploited because of it, the performance is at least on par with Firefox.
half, Mar 04 2008

       // i don't need my left hand to operate // I suspect you will be suggesting a right-click tissue dispenser next.
marklar, Mar 04 2008

       What [Jutta] says.
zeno, Mar 04 2008

       You're a bit of a crawler, aren't you, [zeno] ?
8th of 7, Mar 04 2008

       I love having a scroll wheel. In CAD software, it makes a tremendous difference in speed.   

       I've tried your push button but don't scroll (was the first thing i did) and i can't get it to work.   

       That aside, i love navel's method. works like a champ.   

       So we still have the problem of this idea not being present in things like notepad, ms word, etc. Any ideas on how to activate a small program without minimizing all windows to find an icon on the desktop or involving a keyboard shortcut?   

       I am thinking system tray or start menu icon in the main chunk of start menu real estate.   

       Anyone have a better idea? I might just bake this later today...
ericscottf, Mar 04 2008

       //how to activate a small program//
I typically keep useful shortcuts in the QuickLaunch area (beside the Start button). Create the shortcut on your desktop, then drag-n-drop into the QuickLaunch. A shortcut there only requires a single click to operate (instead of the usual desktop double-click).
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 04 2008

       When macs can run solidworks and autocad natively, i might consider using one.   

       That aside, one could put a browser in the send to context menu, however, that appears when clicking on an icon, not on text inside notepad/word/whatever, so it wouldn't be very useful.
ericscottf, Mar 05 2008


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