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URL tree

file's describing the linkage between pages
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For example, each page of a multi-page heirarchial documentation would have a tag pointing to a special file that maps out the entire document tree.

its not a copy of other ideas, this is a little improved than just next/last links.

best of all, browser's supporting them could have sidebars that list the contents in a unified way, preload the entire set of documents (perhaps even from an archive if the file format could specify such), and the next/last/up links of web pages would be built into the browser when needed.

this could all be done with a simple plug-in for mozilla, netscape, or ie.

ironfroggy, Jan 04 2003

MSDN Library http://msdn.microso...library/default.asp
This sort of thing? [JKew, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       This reminds me of Microsoft's MSDN Library site (link) which has a contents tree at left and body at right.
JKew, Jan 05 2003

       JKew: basic idea, yeah. but i want it implemented at a browser level.
ironfroggy, Jan 05 2003


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