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Hanging by a string.
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Packing peanuts. Whether styrofoam or newfangled cellulose, they get everywhere as soon as you open a box. I propose that packing peanuts come threaded on a string. This way they can be manipulated as a group, and stray peanuts will not escape to blow around the yard.

The Threadnuts come in different colors and can be pressed into service as holiday decorations.

bungston, Dec 16 2003


       After chasing "angel poo" around the yard on too many occasions, I have to give this a croissant!
Klaatu, Dec 16 2003

       Brilliant idea. I call them albino quavers by the way. I can't believe this one hasn't had more + votes. The thread should be weak enough that my cats can snap it when they jump into the box (because they always do) and it gets tangled round their necks.
dobtabulous, Dec 16 2003

       ssshhh... can you keep a secret? ... my two kittens pete and dud are getting some albino quavers for Christmas.
jonthegeologist, Dec 16 2003

       o-O o-O o-O 8o-O o-O o-O
.o-O 8 o-O 8 .o-O o-O 8.o-O o-O o-O o-O O o-O o-O (+)
phundug, Dec 16 2003

       My dog loves to eat the cellulose ones, so maybe no string for those, or digestible string.
acerrubrum, Dec 16 2003

       "I can't believe this one hasn't had more + votes". I've voted + for the creativity and halfbakedness. But, if you've ever worked with the stuff or have seen how it is handled in massive quantities, you'll know that this would make the packing material useless.   

       It wouldn't be able to fall down and pack in around objects in boxes. It couldn't be transferred in large quantites via air stream. It wouldn't dispense, even from a completely opened bag, let alone the 4 to 6 inch "valves" commonly used in packing operations. And if you think untangling Christmas lights is a chore...
half, Dec 16 2003

       This amuses me. OK just thread twenty to the string. Your Kat will love it and it will work.
The Kat, Dec 16 2003

       another term for this kind of packaging material is "ghost turds"
normzone, Dec 16 2003

       Can't + this for all the reasons mentioned by half. They need to move fluidly.
waugsqueke, Dec 16 2003

       So, this isn't for Elephants-on-a-Rope?
thumbwax, Dec 16 2003


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