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Throw Away Foreign Language Instructions

Recycle those unread foreign language instructions
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You buy a product these days and you get a load of bumf written in so many different languages. The only language you can read is your own, so why keep the other foreign language bumf. If possible, cut up the information leaflet or pamphlet leaving just the instructions in your language.

Why bother to do this? In these days of ever increasing recycling, it's just one more bit of paper that you can throw in the paper recycling bin and do your bit to save the planet. Most people don't think of this unnecessary bit of paper you have lurking in your house – but now you do!!

NumboJumbo, Dec 23 2007


       But learning Kisuaheli this way might become difficult.
Frank Frei, Dec 23 2007

       There's a problem with this, though. Information and entropy are intimately related, as are entropy and enthalpy. I have a horrible feeling that, if you pulp an instruction manual, you are actually doing more harm than good.   

       Better yet, get the manufacturer's to stop being so sloppy. If they can't be arsed to print me my own manual in my own language, screw 'em.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 23 2007

       Pah. Once you're done with the instructions, why keep any of them? Besides, how is "recycling unwanted paper" a new idea?
phoenix, Dec 24 2007

       Engineers never read the instructions anyway .... it's an admission of failure.   

       Mind you, the first use of the do-it-yourself plastic surgery kit could have gone better ....
8th of 7, Dec 24 2007

       I love foreign instructions. They were what got me interested in language in the first place, when i got a copy of Mastermind with the manual in a huge number of languages. I found that more interesting than the actual game.   

       Besides, what about the amusing mistranslations?
nineteenthly, Dec 24 2007

       I like the fact that I can deduce the target market by the languages ommited. It seems the Chinese are buying/manufacturing everything nowadays. There are even Arabic instructions on home brewing equipment. A lot of African languages are represented on cell/mobile phone instructions, yet none on a HDTV set. You think you know fuck all!   

       Recently seen at a chinese "tailor": Drop your pants here for immediate attention!
4whom, Dec 24 2007


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