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TiO2 Solar Catalytic Converter

Sunlight + Titanium Dioxide = air purifier
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Start with a large, vertical glass tube.

Put wire mesh on the bottom and top, and fill it with grains of Titanium Dioxide (or something filler particles, coated with TiO2). Use a fan to circulate air upwards through the tube, to produce a fluidized bed.

Use reflectors to focus sunlight onto the tube, causing the TiO2 to become activated.

As polluted air is circulated through the tube, the pollutants contact the TiO2, and are broken down.

When the sun sets, blow a little fresh air through the tube to cool the TiO2 particles, then begin circulating household air through the tube. If the tube contains enough TiO2 particles, then air purification can continue all night long.

goldbb, Jul 07 2009

A TiO2 Paint that breaks down NOx http://www.newscien....com/article/dn4636
[goldbb, Jul 08 2009]


       what exactly is "purified" out of the air?
WcW, Jul 08 2009

       please link up some background about what these particles do.
bungston, Jul 08 2009

       Smoke cigarettes instead. They act as a fliter (they really do burn off a lot of bad things), and are less carcinogenic than TiO2.   

       The safety data sheets for Tio2 are being updated daily, if not hourly.
4whom, Jul 08 2009

       That deals with Nitrous Oxides but what about other pollutants?
webfishrune, Jul 08 2009

       From Wikipedia, "TiO2 incorporated into outdoor building materials, such as paving stones in noxer blocks or paints, can substantially reduce concentrations of airborne pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides."   

       Other sources on the web suggest that it will also photocatalyse carbon monoxide, viruses and microorganisms.
goldbb, Jul 08 2009

       //photocatalyse carbon monoxide, viruses and microorganisms//   

       Is photcatalysis of microrganisms similar to the ant & magnifying glass scenario?
Twizz, Jul 09 2009


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