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Ticket To Ryde

ticket machine tells you which platform and when
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There I was, buying a ticket from the ticket machine, and then I wandered over to the display board to see when (and where) the next train departs from. Surely it would make more sense to get the ticket machine to display the platform and time of the next train (bus/plane) that's going where you've bought a ticket to

Bonus points if it only displays options which you could only get to from where the machine is placed at a safe pace, and double bonus points if it prints directions and a little map on the back of the ticket for you. A boon for the tourist.
neilp, Aug 20 2004

Ryde http://www.whereis....requiredZoomLevel=3
<subliminal mesage>don't go there</subliminal mesage> [neilp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Tis a bit harsh on Ryde, [neilp].
Lacus Trasumenus, Aug 20 2004

       Good idea, neil.
Machiavelli, Aug 20 2004

       if I mentioned Marston Moretaine - would I be in danger of turning this into a list? +1
po, Aug 20 2004

       As one of those 'last minute' travellers, I'd like this.
Fishrat, Aug 20 2004

       Very nice connection .. [+]
bpilot, Aug 20 2004

       Putting the platform information on the ticket machines seems like an act of pointless madness. First, the information is readily readable in one-to-many form of the departure boards which are almost always above the platforms themselves, giving the potential traveller the chance to view the information while heading in the correct general direction. Second, adding even one bit of extra information to the already obviously far too complicated ticket machines will lead to longer queues and me going absolutely pig mental.
calum, Aug 20 2004

       It should be printed on the ticket (as the OP hinted)   

       You buy a ticket and on the back it says:
London-Elstershirecesterfordsdale: 6:20 p Track 3
phundug, Aug 20 2004

       or maybe your ticket can have a barcode printed to the back which, when scanned by a spesh map board, is recognised and your route highlighted?
jonthegeologist, Aug 23 2004

       [jtg] that's nonsense. Just print it on the back! fair enough RFID or bluetooth but pah ! a barcode indeed.
neilp, Aug 23 2004

       baked with a lot of trains (esp ones where you have to reserve seats for particular trains - e.g Eurostar). You can't buy a ticket without it having a seat number on it.
ivanhoe, Aug 23 2004

       [Rods], going to Clarksville? I'll meet you at the station.
zigness, Aug 23 2004

       I can't think how would it work with a "day pass" or "season ticket" holders. Perhaps the latter should be on automatic pilot, anyway.
I suppose in xx years, the ticket would have the complete railway schedule buried inside it, with navigation by little soft check boxes
(maybe the most common input would be where you want to go, and then the ticket says: "go to platform 1", "go to bus-stop A, the number 5 will leave in 10 mins"),
with wireless updates.
Ling, Aug 23 2004

       but Ryde's not *that* bad [np]
hazel, Aug 24 2004

       I think it's a good idea. Printing on the back would be especially good for those in a hurry.   

       As long as it never directs me to one of those silly trains that stop everywhere, including places you've never heard.
RobertKidney, Aug 24 2004

       But sometimes they alter the platforms (as I'm all too aware due to my proximity to the wonders of the Surbiton station) and the 21:03 to Guildford is ACTUALLY going from platform 3 instead of 1.
Sattamassagana, Aug 24 2004

       Mr Steiger - it's been a long time, good to see you back.
I guess you'd only get the ticket if you can be there by 4.30. (and you may need to have made a reservation first).
goff, Aug 24 2004


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