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Tiger Teeth S³

You won't go far with this Spiked Stop Stick
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After watching an episode of some crappy reality cop show, it appeared that many of the car chases begin with a traffic stop when the LEO approaches the driver's door. Off the bad guys go!

<Cue the lights and siren>

The Tiger Teeth S³ is brought out from the police cruiser. The S³ is attached as the LEO approaches the car. It is a rod, about 30 inches long with a heavy plate, 90° perpendicular to the rod. Attached to this plate are 3 hollow cones with angled cuts at the top.

The LEO places the tip of the rod through an opening in the metal rim and releases 3 spring loaded points that form a star on the inside of the rim to hold it firmly in place. This also releases a hinge that allows the rod and attached spike plate to swing to the tire tread.

Any attempt to run will instantly puncture the tire and cause a violent out-of-balance condition for that tire. If you are a law- abiding citizen, you will sign your ticket and the LEO will use a key to retract the points on the inside of the tire rim, pull it free and you are on your way.

Klaatu, Mar 08 2016

Ouch! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caltrop
Similar item, might be easier to carry and deploy [whatrock, Mar 10 2016]

Denver Boot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheel_clamp
[Klaatu, Mar 10 2016]

Weight per foot of common square tubing http://www.omegaste...weight-per-foot.pdf
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PDF. (For those folks with allergies) [Klaatu, Mar 13 2016]


       Surprised it's not already a thing.   

       ...your email is defunct btw.   

       "...your email is defunct btw."   

       As am I...as am I.   

       I checked and it is still the same and still working. It just has a new name.
Klaatu, Mar 09 2016

       Hi Klaatu, remember me? Hi 2 fries, how are you? There now is everybody happy again? I hope so. Now to the idea at hand...ooops, out of time, gotta go to bed. Sorry. I'll be back tomorrow.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2016

       On one hand it's creative and solves a problem. On the other hand I hate giving more power to police.
Voice, Mar 09 2016

       <Voice> I guess that I was thinking that too many LE chases end up with gunfire, and that preventing chases in the first place might save the lives of LEO *and* criminals. I don't see any _more_ power being given, other than a completely non-lethal way to end chases and the carnage they leave behind.
Klaatu, Mar 09 2016

       <blissmiss> I have no idea who you are. ;)   

       Check your e-mail.
Klaatu, Mar 09 2016

       //I don't see any _more_ power being given//The thing is, in practice these would be used as instant tire boots whenever and however the police please. Piss off a cop? Get your tire locked until you suck up to him enough.
Voice, Mar 10 2016

       Hi blismiss. I'm good. You good?   

       as an adaptation to this idea, I think I would like to see a forward deployable spike strip which would expand after deployment to incapacitate a vehicle without having to perform the rear ram-spun-maneuver.
We've paid for enough body-work and paint.

       // forward deployable spike strip //   

       We do have caltrops, ancient little spiky things that could be jettisoned from a police car to inconvenience vehicles.
whatrock, Mar 10 2016

       <whatrock> "that could be jettisoned from a police car to inconvenience vehicles and bad guys."   

       The next time that the police are being chased by the bad guys, I guess that they could drop them in front of the pursuing car. This idea is more akin to a "Denver Boot" <link" that can be instantly deployed to a stopped vehicle.
Klaatu, Mar 10 2016

       Hmm... police being chased by the bad guys... sounds like an interesting movie premise.
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2016

       I think "instantly deployed" might be a little optimistic.
normzone, Mar 10 2016

       Apologies, [Klaatu]. I was thinking of an existing device that was small, easily carried and deployable by police on stationary vehicles. Also, during chases a cruiser occasionally gets ahead of the bad guys.
whatrock, Mar 10 2016

       <whatrock> no apology required. I should have pressed the sarcasm button when I typed that. Next time I'll be sure to note it as &#892; sarcasm &#893;.   

       I just don't want to be the guy who has to pick them all up before the driver leaves...and, forget one.
Klaatu, Mar 11 2016

       I suspect that the reason the guys take off when the cop reaches the door is that gives them them the maximum lead time during which the cop scrambles back to his car.   

       If they saw him hauling out some big heavy plate hollow cone Klaatustick contraption they would wait for him to get around the front of his own car toting the Klaatustick, then leave. Not only does he have to scramble back to his car, but he has to put the Klaatustick back in the trunk.
bungston, Mar 11 2016

       <bungston> I really wasn't imagining somehow huge-oid. I figure the distance from an opening in the rim, to the outside of the tire is...12 inches, max?   

       1"X1" (1/8 inch wall thickness) square tube is 1.44 pounds per foot [link], adding another square plate an a few spikes might give us 5 pounds total? Easily kept in the front seat.
Klaatu, Mar 13 2016

       [bungston], mount this on the front of the police car to be deployed mechanically. Then the bad guys just sit there waiting for the cop to approach on foot (to get maximum lead time), not realizing they're already being trapped.
notexactly, Mar 21 2016


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