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Time-Linked Height-Reducing Political Debate Podium

Descends by one inch for every 10 seconds the speaker goes over the limit
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The moderator would control the stopwatch. Candidates could keep speaking longer than the allotted time, but it would cost them in a way that they could not deny. They would look pretty stupid as just a head sticking out above the stage; babble too long and they would disappear into a hole under the stage.
phundug, Oct 10 2012

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       This gives political advantage to taller men and women, which is good in that it ameliorates the risk of Napoleon complex in positions of political power.
calum, Oct 11 2012

       I would tend to agree with that in the case of male political figures. A tall president projects an aura of effortless control, gazing out confidently over the heads of the assembly, assuring all that nothing escapes his lofty view. His wide reach ensures that many can gather under the protective umbrella of his all-encompassing influence, and his long stride gives the sense that he will be first to arrive at the scene of a crisis, yet he will get there without haste, ready to handle the situation with cool aplomb.   

       A tiny woman, however, can be just as terrifying as a tall one.
Alterother, Oct 11 2012

       Taller candidates already have a political advantage, but at least short candidates can now equalize it by speaking concisely (if their opponent babbles)
phundug, Oct 11 2012

       Why not just start them out at equal head height?
ytk, Oct 11 2012

       I think that's been proposed here, [ytk].   

       Or maybe the starting height should be based on current polls - it's like how in sports, whichever team is ahead at the time of the finals gets the home field advantage.
phundug, Oct 11 2012

       Also, each candidate gets two "bullsh__" options, which allow him/her to instantly cancel the opponent's current speaking time. If all four of these are used during a debate, the debate will be 8 minutes shorter.
phundug, Oct 11 2012


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