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Watson-based Debate BS Detector

Adding yet another organization-controlled robot to the mix...
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So, when not utterly confused, IBM's Watson can answer Jeopardy questions and do reasonably well.

Watson needs a new task. I propose Presidential Debate realtime on-site Factchecker.

He'll have a truthometer, a red siren, and maybe some 'Danger Will Robinson' arms for the worst offences. Perhaps dressed as a Dalek.

Finally we'll get some truth around here. Maybe. Depending on whom is controlling the robot...

Domo arigato.

RayfordSteele, Oct 11 2012

relevant http://factcheck.or...ebate-declarations/
[Voice, Oct 11 2012]


       Many of the lies told in the recent debates contained very skillful half-truths. Nothing as easy as "The national debt is <lie> dollars" I don't think Watson is up to it yet.
Voice, Oct 11 2012

       I would like to see each candidate have access to pre-recorded clips of the other's past speeches, so that when one says something contradictory to what he/she's previously said, the other can show the relevant clip.
phundug, Oct 11 2012

       The only negative is that I can see the robot shorting out due to continuous arm-flailing.
Phrontistery, Oct 12 2012


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