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Time To Drink Coffee

Grind beans and pour water on them. Come back later.
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It couldn't be hard to put markings of time on a coffee pot next to the cup markings so you can have an accurate time of when it is going to get done.

It would be slightly distorted after the first cup because there is the whole soak factor but as an average mug of coffee goes I'm sure it would take a minute of coffee time.

To do this you will need the evenly filled coffee bags or one screen mesh coffee chamber filled to the correct amount.

When the weight of the pot approx. equals with what was in the water chamber the coffee pot will beep.

Imagine timing your eggs or breakfast food with your coffee or tea.

sartep, Dec 13 2003


       (_!_) It's a coffee pot with a countdown scale on the side. As the coffee pot fills, the level of the coffee indicates how much longer it will be until the pot is completely brewed.   

       The evenly filled coffee bags are required to ensure standards compliance for an ISO pot of coffee (somebody post that).   

       When the pot is full, the coffee machine beeps.
phoenix, Dec 14 2003

       Yeah, but that'll kill your *extra* breaktime.
thumbwax, Dec 14 2003

       ...will still boil.   

       But a watched boil will never pop.
Overpanic, Dec 14 2003

       For example you can pour 4 minutes worth of coffee into the pot and measure your eggs by it or you can measure your eggs by the minute markers as the pot fills up fully. Either way the coffee pot beeps when it is done.
sartep, Dec 14 2003

       But you can already tell when the coffee's done 'cos it's in the pot at the bottom. Duh! Doesn't need a beeping thing to tell you when it's ready, just look with your eyes.
squeak, Dec 15 2003

       Given any traditional coffee machine, you could perform a calibration run. Using your stopwatch you could then mark the jug showing the fill-level at each 1-minute interval. Then whenever you needed to time stuff later you could use the markings to indicate elapsed time since brewing-start. Then you wouldn't need to measure pot-weight etc.
dobtabulous, Dec 15 2003

       Good one, Overpanic. Very good.
thumbwax, Dec 15 2003

       I don't get the need for this. My home coffee pot:
a) has a clock on it, if the point is to measure time
b) has a pause-and-serve feature, if the point is to know when you can get coffee
c) beeps when it's finished brewing
Worldgineer, Dec 15 2003

       Yes, there is no real need. It's like an hour glass with coffee grounds in the middle. When the water is all at the bottom you have a certain time measured and bonus you drink the coffee.
sartep, Dec 15 2003

       AAAAH -- I liked the idea to beging with, but its even better that I now understand at least a little more.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2003

       It’s like an hour glass with coffee grounds in the middle and hot water instead of sand, and it doesn’t have an hourglass figure.   

       Works great for soft-boiled eggs, but last time I made spaghetti I had to drink about a gallon of coffee with it.
AO, Dec 15 2003

       //I had to drink about a gallon of coffee with it.//   

       Me too, isn't that great?
sartep, Dec 15 2003

       It'd be cool if it was just like an hourglass, and used two identical urns, one upside down. Fill the bottom one with water, fill the two-sided filter apparatus in the centre with grounds, and when the whole thing was inverted it heat the water as it passed through the filter. Flip and repeat. Must admit it sounds a little fragile though. Plus sneaking a premature cup would be tricky.
riccoman, Feb 20 2004

       Obviously this would apply to those of us who don't stand there staring at the coffeemaker anyway, poised to grab said c. the moment it's ready.
Ander, Nov 28 2021

       Nearly 20 years later and not one croissant or bone. I find that a bit sad, so here's a crumb for effort [+]..... and they're a halfbakery moderator. Come back and post some ideas instead of skulking in the swamps!
xenzag, Nov 28 2021


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