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Tiny Tines

Birthstones at the tips
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The child she suckles
at the nipple in thirst
and then moves to bottles
harder at first

Drink though she did
that foul tasting mix
I found on my shoulder
at the hour of six

Then came the spoon
much harder to use
the peach was OK
I wish I could snooze

Now she’s on solids
I’m using a fork
she don’t like my cookin’
and thinks I’m a dork

But feed her I will
with birthstone tipped tines
take a bite - see the sparkle
I’m glad she is mine

Shz, Sep 17 2003


       of course they do. any fool knows that.
po, Sep 17 2003

       Upon first reading I thought this was going to be an alternative to tassles.
PeterSilly, Sep 17 2003

       Kreuner - you're confusing Birth stones with kidney stones.
This too, shall come to pass.
thumbwax, Sep 17 2003

       thats easy for you to say!
po, Sep 17 2003

       But not so easy for him to do, [po].
PeterSilly, Sep 17 2003

       //Birth Stones have no bearing on happiness//   

       In this case they do. Feeding is easier because there’s a visual reward. This makes for less stressed out parents. Less stressed out parents = less stressed out kids = more happiness. It’s about reward for taking the bite, which is a step beyond the popular racecar/train/plane antics used to entice them.   

       Pick a gemstone, any gemstone. I used the ones from the Zodiac on this idea to differentiate between multiple children. My hope being that their sense of ‘ownership’ is motivation enough not to throw it across the room when they start using it themselves. Again, that = happiness.   

       (Re: Zodiac: Who gives a rat’s ass?!)
Shz, Sep 17 2003

       Admittedly, ‘not throwing’ at that age is a WIBNI, which is why I didn’t put it in the idea.   

       The reward is clear. If the piece of whatever is eaten, the child will get to see the sparkling tines. Birthstones are visually appealing.
Shz, Sep 17 2003

       or both.   

       my dad used to comment that someone being a sad miserable git in adulthood was the direct result of not being allowed to wear his noddy hat when he was a kid.
po, Sep 17 2003

       The parent is feeding the child by hand. I’d call that ‘attention’.
Shz, Sep 17 2003

       //won't eat because it is more fun to have his parents fussing over him//   

       Problem solved by yours truly. – A reward dammit! A visual reward!
Shz, Sep 17 2003

       Some are translucent, some are opaque. All are beautiful and all are cut/polished for maximum reflection (sparkle).   

       Also, my inspiration for this idea came by way of a stork delivering a female package to a fellow ‘baker who warned of ensuing baby related ideas. I’m getting the ball rolling.   

       (Congratulations to the recipient!)
Shz, Sep 17 2003

       That I can’t answer [dag]. I’d need a psycho expert, and little sister #1 is still on vacation.
Shz, Sep 17 2003

       I am SO not putting a gemstone encrusted fork in my mouth. Ow. Chipped tooth anyone?
submitinkmonkey, Mar 31 2005

       Do the stones still sparkle when coated in mashed peas?
Freefall, Mar 31 2005

       I assume there's an accompanying diamond-tipped carbide knife?
Worldgineer, Mar 31 2005

       They sparkle only after the peas are taken (see above).   

       Whoa, this is the swiss cheese effect at its best, either that or I was talking to myself again.
Shz, Mar 31 2005

       Sure [World]. I could use a knife to cut the cheese.
Shz, Mar 31 2005


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