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Tipping Habit Database

Pre-screen Dates for Rude Habits
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My understanding is that %18 percent is the going rate of gratituity (thats what most establishments charge by default for parties of 6 or more) if service was very good. Unless I was treated poorly, I would never leave less than that. The trouble is, when I am asked on a date and am not in controll of the check I can never know if he has left a generous tip or is secretly ruining my reputation around town. I know it would be rude to ask what he has left for a tip (after all, he is treating me to a meal), and to leave a little extra cash on the table myself seems like declaration of no faith and is akward to do anyway.

Credit card companies could post online a database of "Percentage Tipped." It wouldn't have to reveal any private info like where the person was dining or how much they spent in total - only the percentage. The card owner could also review their stats and make comments if they wanted to; either in praise of an excellent experience or in defense of an isulting tip i.e. "i know %50 seems outrageous but i was only having coffee and dessert and didnt want to leave change" or "meat arrived uncooked and the waitress was sassy and unaccomidating..hence %10"

Knowing someone's tipping habits before you go out with them would be just one more interesting way to "google" someone you don't yet know well. It would also be an interesting factiod to drop about people: "no way, my boss is way more of a jerk - his tipping average is %13!"

porpoise, Dec 03 2005

The Shitty Tippers Database http://www.bitterwaitress.com/std/
From the Bitter Waitress site. Not quite as subtle as yours. [bristolz, Dec 03 2005]


       //not in controll of the check I can never know if he has left a generous tip // you could discuss it. might make an interesting subject of debate with a new date.   

       tipping etiquette, I believe, is different according to the society. here, we are only really expected to tip taxi drivers and hairdressers.
* prevents rape and rotten haircuts.

       DC, unless I challenge it!
po, Dec 03 2005

       Doesn't the fact that your date is picking the check up for you tell you everything you need to know?
DrCurry, Dec 03 2005

       This sounds very much like Norways' (I think it's that country, but the article from ages ago isn't there anymore, so I don't know) tradition of making peoples earnings public to all for a short period of time, so that people can look up their neighbours earnings over the past year.
froglet, Dec 03 2005

       There is a bad tippers database online...somewhere.
bristolz, Dec 03 2005

       bristoz: good find, but oddly, many of the tips shown aren't shitty at all, the posters are complaining about something else, or boasting, or leaving graffiti.   

       Of course, for porpoise's purposes, finding out that a prospective date tipped 40% but peed on the plants and vomited on the waitresses, would be equally important.
DrCurry, Dec 03 2005

       [bristolz], I can't believe my current boss is not on there.
Zimmy, Dec 04 2005

       Living in the UK, I was always told that a 10% tip was a generous tip when the service was good! Maybe the tradition is different in the US? Or am I the 1st entrant into the Bad Tippers Database?   

       Have 3/8 of a criossant, you deserve it...
Minimal, Dec 05 2005

       I have a great idea - why dont you pay the bill instead?
energy guy, Dec 05 2005

       Ah, but then porpoise wouldn't be able to tell if her date was the rich sucker she has been looking for all along.
DrCurry, Dec 05 2005

       It seems a very superficial way to judge people.   

       I remember someone once telling me that he can tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes.   

       I prefer judging people on which idiotic and arbitrary methods they use to judge other people's characters.   

       //secretly ruining my reputation around town.// also, if your reputation around town relies on what kind of tips your boyfriends leave at restaurants, I suggest moving to a different town.
zen_tom, Dec 05 2005


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