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Automatic butter-depth gauging
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Clamp thick toasting-bread in this thin appropriately shaped heat-proof two-sided clamp thingie.

Drop it in the slot where it fits [just], and when it pops, lever it open [yeeow it's hot], and spread the knobbed side with butter which automatically fills all the holes between the knobs to a uniform depth. The other side stays smooth.

[Unprototyped, and superficially searched while yawning and scratching ... found only "English muffins" and those gas-ring snack-makers.]

rayfo, Jul 12 2001


       If it's heat proof, how does the bread get toasted? I don't think I understand the idea totally. Where do the holes come from? Is one side of the triangle studded? Why triangle shape instead of square??
MuddDog, Jul 12 2001


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