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Toastedness detector

Toast just the way you like it.
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We all know of the age old problem of not knowing when your toast is done. And on every single toaster I've used the toastedness dial is wildly inaccurate, usually gently warming your bread up until the number 1, and burning it as black as the night sky anywhere over number one. Anyway, my idea is to use that light sensing technology (though I should, I don't know what it's called) to detect the browness and therefore toastedness of the bread. You know the one, which shines a light on something and senses the reflected light. You could just press a button on the toaster with a colour code next to it, and the toaster would measure the starting colour of the slice and toast away until it has darkened to the appropriate shade.

PS, I know I've been away for a while (did you miss me?) but rest assured, I haven't lost interest in this site, just my full-time internet access. D'oh!

timo, Aug 16 2002

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       Except both the color wheel and its sensor would accumulate smoke residue worsening its readings twice as fast.
FarmerJohn, Aug 17 2002

       how about a bakedness detector? ;op
yamahito, Aug 17 2002

       I was going to say that. If only i'd annotated earlier.
NickTheGreat, Aug 17 2002

       What about wholemeal and rye breads? Will it undercook these because they are already dark?
Gulherme, Aug 18 2002

       No, "the toaster would measure the starting colour of the slice and toast away until it has darkened to the appropriate shade."   

       Maybe it could take several readings to get an average.
timo, Aug 18 2002


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