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Toaster DVD Player

Ideal for the kitchen...
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It's a DVD player designed in the shape of a toaster.

A one slice toaster, where you put the disc in the top, pull down the thingy and it automatically plays. The heat control can be used to control playback, and a remote (shaped like a crumpet?) can also be used. Six slice toasters could be designed as a multi disc changer...

The DVD player is splash proof, and designed for use in harsh kitchen environments, and can be connected wirelessly to a TV.

The best bit is the Disc pops up when the movie is finished playing.

Also available as a cd player, with tea and coffee jar speakers.


Do not put bread or other baked goods in your Toaster DVD player.

MikeOliver, May 20 2003

Cube Toaster http://thebase.webl...print-friendly=true
[Shz, Oct 05 2004]


       I recall Jake Johansen stammering through a hilarious stand-up comic routine based on confusing a VCR with a toaster.
thumbwax, May 20 2003

       Did he put bread in a VCR, or a video in a toaster?
MikeOliver, May 20 2003

       I think this would sell for novelty value. +
saker, May 20 2003

       Also available: The TV that looks like a microwave.
hippo, May 20 2003

       Great link, Tiger
thumbwax, May 20 2003

       Gives new meaning to burning a DVD.
Worldgineer, May 20 2003

       In a Mad Magazine article about trouble-shooting TV problems, two of the the problems and suggested diagnoses were:   

       - Sound but no picture
. . .
You're watching the radio

       - Picture but no sound
. . .
You're watching the washing machine.
supercat, May 20 2003


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