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Toddler TiVo

“Bop the Big Bird button, Bobby!”
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A DVR (digital video recorder) can be a godsend if you have toddlers in the house. Young kids often don’t understand the concept of TV schedules, but a DVR pretty much does away with them.

A friend of mine was babysitting in a home so equipped, and the child asked to see his favorite program. However, she was unfamiliar with the brand of DVR present, so she couldn’t figure out how to get it on and playing the right show. And she certainly wasn’t going to hand a 40 button remote to a 3 year old. (Who knows what other shows daddy and mommy might have been recording? “Ack! Bobby, look away!”)

I say, empower that child.

I’d like a kid-oriented programmable universal remote. It should specifically understand how to operate the main brands of DVRs.

It would have really large buttons, with clear faces behind which pictures of the child’s favorite characters could be slipped. Each button would correspond to a set “channel” in your DVR containing the corresponding program.

It can be customized by dad or mom (or the teenager in the house) to match their DVR and TV configuration.

Your toddler gets to control the TV, but you still have full control over what they see, since it is you who programs the DVR. No V-chip or other filtering required.

And maybe having their own remote will encourage your toddler not to monkey around with the rest of the controls.

“Mommy, can we watch Sesame Street?”
“Sure, Bobby, go ahead and press on Elmo’s button.”

krelnik, Feb 28 2004

weemote http://www.weemote.com/
Not DVR-specific, buttons don't have pictures. Just limits the kid to specific on-air channels. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Apr 08 2009]

kid safe remote http://www.beststuf...safe-tv-turtle.html
ditto [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Apr 08 2009]

Build-your-own version http://www.instruct...or-PC-Video-Player/
courtesy Instructables.com [krelnik, Apr 08 2009]


       "Who knows what other shows daddy and mommy might have been recording? ''   

       Daddy! He's hurting her!   

       Sound familiar?
FloridaManatee, Feb 29 2004

       Oh, look... I found the Big Bun button. [+]
justaguy, Apr 08 2009


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