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Toilet Scales2

weigh your flotsam as you jettison
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Sensors are located below toilet seat and feet with constant readout (eg. 7-segment LCD with solar power).

Once in position to perform one's duties, one simply sits or stands still and taps the "trip" meter which marks the starting weight. After the labor is finished, one sits or stands still once again and hits the second "trip" meter to mark the finishing weight. The difference in weight is then displayed.

Various accoutrement can be used to accessorize the device, such as sound effects to denote certain ranges of weigh change. (Ex. if a difference of more than 2 lbs is achieved, then a carnival bell sound rings. if no difference is weigh is achieved, the sound effect from the Wheel of Fortune's BANKRUPT slice is played.)

Also, a scoreboard should be available, replete with user initials, date, and score.

NOTE: A special award should be offered in the event that the finishing weigh exceeds the staring weigh, such as having the machine dispense a suppository.

the27man, Nov 02 2010


       Spelling: "doodys"
normzone, Nov 03 2010

       Six years I've been waiting for you to top "Diligent Susan".
Six years I say!...and THIS is what you top it with?
A shit scale?

Merdeginal at best.

       I'm getting hemorrhoids trying to think of a reason for this idea.
Boomershine, Nov 04 2010


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