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Tooth Artist

Do something creative with that gnarly stump
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Dental work is expensive. The dentists keep it that way, by legally blocking those who might charge less for tooth care - such are "practicing dentistry without a license". I think my "tooth puller" concept (linked) would likely fall into this category.

I propose that an artist specialize in creating sculpture from epoxy, enamel and possibly precious and semiprecious stones and metal. Working materials and entire small sculptures would be available on order. These sculptures would be fitted to be worn and displayed on teeth, or as the case would always be, the fragmented stumps of teeth. These sculptures would be vary in form and color, looking like small animals, faceted jewels and such. They would generally not look like teeth, as one might claim that the creation of such would be dentistry and so require a dentists license and exorbitant charges. The sculptures would be beautiful, but also be practical, in that they might be used as a chewing surface and to protect the remainder of the tooth on which they were displayed.

bungston, Jan 28 2010

Tooth puller Tooth_20Puller
[bungston, Jan 28 2010]

tooth tatoos... http://media.photob...chka31/Toothtat.jpg
[xandram, Jan 29 2010]

Bling http://www.medcom.pl/imgs/bizuteria2.jpg
[DrCurry, Feb 01 2010]

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       I'd certainly like some. Can we also have miniature bridges? What I'd really like is a tooth with an internal LED.
xenzag, Jan 29 2010

       Better than gold!
wagster, Feb 01 2010

       Maybe they should carry advertising.
nineteenthly, Feb 01 2010

       Hmmm - but if you're going to make these 'art teeth' strong enough to withstand biting pressures, and not cause a lot of pain or infection, and fit properly, and with the biting surfaces meeting accurately (very difficult with the rear molars - tolerances are extremely fine) then you'll need to have most of the skills of a real dentist, so you might as well have gone to dentistry college and got the proper qualification.
hippo, Feb 01 2010


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