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invisible dentures

partial dentures made like invisable braces
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people needing only up to 4 replacement teeth could wear a product made of material like the invisable braces to fit over the existing teeth with the spot for the missing tooth filled in with a durable material. These could be disposable dentures, replaced at intervals and would be so much more comfortable than partials.
semper7, Aug 11 2001


       Be really neat if they were invisible.
thumbwax, Aug 11 2001

       [admin: spelling fixed in idea title.]
jutta, Aug 12 2001

       When did "invisible" start to mean "transparent"? But it's still a neat idea; I don't know enough about dentistry or orthodontics to know if it's workable.
bookworm, Aug 12 2001

       Marketroids. "Invisible" sounds cooler than 'transparent'.   

       No reason it couldn't work, there are plastic 'invisible' braces that apparently can replace metal ones...
StarChaser, Aug 12 2001

       what are invisible braces?
Mayfly, Aug 15 2001

       (Overcoming the huge temptation to say 'Braces that are not visible'...) Orthodontic braces which are significantly less obtrusive than the regular scaffolding-pole type.
angel, Aug 15 2001

       I imagine that, like contact lenses, they would have a 'handling tint', a 5% blue (or whatever; probably pink) tint that's imperceptible in use but but makes them noticeable when not deployed.
angel, Aug 16 2001

       [I like [angel]'s use of the word 'deployed']
hippo, Aug 16 2001

       Waugsqueke <Furrfu, I'm replying to you a lot today...>, how else would they work? Bridges are hooks over a couple of teeth with phony teeth in the middle. Making the hooks out of plastic rather than metal should be easy enough...
StarChaser, Aug 17 2001

       Ah, so desu. Always wondered how normal heavy metal braces were attached. <grin> I doubted it was with bolts like I told someone once...
StarChaser, Aug 18 2001

       Holy cow! Completely invisible teeth. What a concept. Imagine how it would look when the wearer is eating, or after he / she has eaten with little bits of food appearing to be suspended in the mouth. The mind reels!   

       But I gather that's not what's being suggested...
snarfyguy, Aug 19 2001


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