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Tornado Pan

Tornado Pan
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Cooking pan designed to create a columnar vortex of air ("tornado") that sucks up cooking fumes and channels them upwards neatly into an overhead vent. See URL link provided.
sanman, Mar 18 2023

pan tornado https://www.youtube.../shorts/tFAI8R8bSXg
tornado created by pan [sanman, Mar 18 2023]

self-stirring pot https://www.youtube...watch?v=zcACKdU4h-U
self-stirring pot [sanman, Mar 19 2023]


       But how? What causes such a phenomenon?
21 Quest, Mar 19 2023

       I’m with 21Q on that question but if you can explain how it works I’ll [+]. And if there is a way to make it work, then I’ll be disappointed that I wasted the idea name “popcornado” a few years back because suddenly I have an idea…
swimswim, Mar 19 2023

       [-], A video you saw on youtube is not an invention. This explanation was attached to another version of the same video:   

       This is the bizarre moment a ‘mini tornado’ twists in a woman’s frying pan after she opened a window and switched on the extractor fan.   

       The incident was filmed in the city of Dalian in the north-eastern Chinese province of Liaoning on 13th November 2021.   

       In the footage, Ms Shi is heard shrieking in her kitchen as the mini tornado twists in the frying pan.   

       According to the news site Baidu, she was cooking at home when the ‘mini tornado’ appeared in the pan just after she added oil.   

       Ms Shi said she does not cook often and on this occasion she opened the window and switched on the extractor fan.   

       She said that when she poured the oil into the pan, the mini tornado appeared.   

       Ms Shi added that she was surprised by the appearance of the mini twister and asked netizens for their thoughts on how it could have happened.   

       The Weibo group ‘Local Climate’ said: “Ms Shi perfectly reproduces the weather conditions for tornados. The underlying surface is hot and unevenly heated (oil in the pan), the air is dry (kitchen with heat on a sunny day) and there is strong suction from above (extractor fan).”
a1, Mar 19 2023

       Probably had a bit to do with barometric pressure as well. I suspect things like altitude and weather conditions such as humidity are going to play hugely into your ability to replicate the effect consistently.
21 Quest, Mar 19 2023

       We can have an overhead fan that helps create vortex suction from above. We can also have vortex being caused by the pan below. The pan vortex could result from Coanda Effect by having ridge-fins on the inner circumference of the pot, to encourage air to move in a circular flow path. SEE URL BELOW. We could also use magnetic induction heating, and have the induction effect moving in a circular path around the circumference of the pot. We are trying to tip the air convection into circular vortex motion.
sanman, Mar 19 2023

       um... when you make a sudden low pressure region, as in raising a lid off of a heated pan, and give a little twist, then inertia takes over and keeps twisting the rising heated air and wraps it into a tornado if it can.   

       It just does.   

       What do you get if you cross a shepherd god with a dust devil?   

       The Piper at the Gates of Breakfast.
pertinax, Mar 19 2023

       Assuming this could be made to work repeatably, it would be a heck of a sight during a grease fire.
swimswim, Mar 19 2023


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