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Toroidal magnetic battery

New form factor enables novel applications
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"Coin cell" batteries are available in a variety of technologies - NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, Ag-ClMg, etc. But they are mostly small, slippery, and difficult to handle.

I propose that such cells be made with two new features: magnetic contacts, and toroidal geometry.

The magnetic contacts would allow effortless stacking and simple terminal connections. In addition, cell polarity could be matched to magnetic polarity to prevent reverse-polarity insertion.

The second feature, toroidal (doughnut, washer, or lifesaver shaped) geometry, would allow alternate-polarity stacking on an insulating rod for storage, to prevent discharge, and would be an asset for miniature products requiring fluid or airflow along the axis (hearing aids, fans, powered drinking straws, smoke-ring blowers...)

Care would have to be taken to prevent unintentional magnetization of credit cards, etc in close proximity.

csea, Aug 24 2008


phoenix, Aug 25 2008


       Who'se Boffo?
Voice, Aug 26 2008

       Care would also have to be taken not to damage the magnets. When a magnet breaks, one piece reverses polarity. If that's the big piece...
ye_river_xiv, Aug 26 2008

       Battery operated smoke-ring blowers. I can't imagine a future without them.
4whom, Aug 26 2008

       Its a neat idea but making disposable batteries heavier and more expensive hardly seems to be a winner. These batteries are competing for smallest and most energy dense specifications and any feature that detracts from those specs is going to require a killer app. to gain popularity. You can already stack flat batteries however you like without danger of discharge as long as you prevent the two ends of the stack from forming a circuit and a doughnut shape would add nothing to the feature of magnetic fields preventing reverse polarity stacking. It would improve the quality of the contact between the cells but for very small low amperage cells this isn't really an issue. Not sure what the two ideas have to do with one another.
WcW, Aug 26 2008

       //stack flat batteries however you like ... prevent the two ends of the stack from forming a circuit //   

       Sounds mutually exclusive.   

       //a doughnut shape would add nothing to the feature of magnetic fields preventing reverse polarity stacking.//   

       The doughnut shape _allows_ reverse polarity stacking by enabling the use of an insulating shaft on which to stack the NS SN NS SN repelling cells. Also would make them shock-absorbent for shipping.   

       Perhaps these would be made using a rechargeable technology, in order to improve the cost/value ratio.   

       But, c'mon, this is the HB! If I thought $$ could be made on this, I wouldn't have posted...
csea, Aug 26 2008

       //killer app. to gain popularity.// Several examples are given: (hearing aids, fans, powered drinking straws, smoke-ring blowers...) ;)
csea, Aug 26 2008


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