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Torsion Foot Acceleration Enhancer

When you just need an extra kick.
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A torsion bar with a ratchet hinge on each side and a large sturdy rubber foot on one end is affixed to the underside of a car approximately at the mid point (location optimized for the specific vehicle of course) with the footed end directed towards the front of the vehicle and held in place by an electro-magnetic catch.

The catch would release the footed end once the car was traveling under say five miles per hour. Upon hitting the ground it would scrape, but would be unable to go back the way it came due to the one-way action of the ratchet hinge connecting the rod to the car. Eventually the foot will dig in (I’m no physicist but isn’t static friction greater than Kinetic, so as the car slows the foot should grab? it better or this will never work) and force the rod to bend or become 'loaded', this should happen just as the car comes to a complete stop.

Slamming down on your barefoot gas pedal (if you don’t have one worry not it will come free with the Enhancer conversion kit) will unleash a fury not seen since Michael hit the turbo boost for the very last time. The ratchet hinge on the foot side will lock once the T-bar is loaded and as you roll forward the spring will unload pushing your car forward with a mighty metallic twang.

Reloading the Enhancer is simple - Just go in reverse - Since the ratchet hinges are of the newer variety they automatically switch direction and will help you launch yourself backwards. A good example is while backing out of your drive way each morning. I can think of no better time to prepare your torsion bar than with a full cup of coffee safely on your roof (please see roof-top cup holder)

*A modified version could be made to pole vault inconvenient barriers.

redsimple, Feb 01 2006

barefoot pedal http://www.jcwhitne...022&catalogId=10101
sweet [redsimple, Feb 01 2006]


Slaith, Feb 01 2006

       I don't get it. Is this just a big spring-loaded boot that kicks you along? I don't think this would help any.
discontinuuity, Feb 01 2006

       I like the idea of a big foot that kicks your car into action, but this is a rather long winded and opaque foot.
wagster, Feb 01 2006

       Uhm wouldnt it be simpler to have a wind up rubber band or spring that is connected to a clutch which is engaged when the brake is applied and the car is under say 10 mph. Then uppon realing the brake the rubber band or spring would assist the car in off the line acceleration. This is basicly a different way of doing regenerative braking as seen on modern hybrid and full electric cars. This has also been tested by using braking energy to spool up a flywheel, then using the flywheel to assist on acceleration..
dlapham, Feb 01 2006

       couldn't agree more wagster,but what if the foot was wearing an Air Jordan from 1987? would that make a difference?   

       [dlapham], yes I am pretty sure that what you are talking about would work much better, but answer me this- How would you modify yours so it could be used as a vehicular pole vault? Also what would we do with all the extra wide Jordans? yours doesn't seem to incorporate a large foot in anyway.
redsimple, Feb 02 2006


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