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Town Bomb

An idea to save money on delivery systems
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I read once that there are enough nuclear bombs in the world to blow it up 30 times. Obviously, we don't need more of them. But still, all the major nations spend tons of money on these things. The problem seems to be that, although the bombs are still good, the delivery systems get antiquated, so we all have to build new, better ones every 20 yrs or so.

It seems stupid to be spnding money this way when there is a perfectly good alternative available to us. We should place one of these bombs in the town hall of every city in the world with a population over, say, 10000. Then, we should link them together at random. We could, for instance, link the London bomb with the Moscow bomb, and the New York bomb with the Cairo bomb, etc. We don't tell anyone which bomb is linked to which, and we change them frequently.

This would have several advantages. First of all, no one would dare to start any major trouble when for all they know, attacking Rome might set off the bomb in their own town, maybe dear old mom is sitting on the linked bomb. Certainly a deterrant.

Also, since lawyers and politicians tend to be concentrated in town halls, there would be an incentive for them to keep things under control, since they would literally be sitting on the hot seat.

And last of all, there would be NO NEED FOR DELIVERY SYSTEMS!!!! Just think, they could take that money they are now spending on submarines and spend it on something useful. No more $2 billion stealth bombers. Why, we could sink that money into AIDS or cancer research, alternative energy systems, a REAL space station, or (dare I suggest it) JUST GIVE IT BACK TO US and let us decide what to do with it.

Yep, sounds good to me.

guntcher, Apr 19 2001


       Okay, where is the verification? Big cities might just figure out a way to tamper with their bomb or their "link" (what did you have in mind? Radio?) so that they would be safe in the event of an incident.
centauri, Apr 19 2001

       You know, warfare systems are designed to deal with circumstances when you can't just make nice little agreements about things. If we could get along well enough to link everything up this way, we wouldn't need bombs in the first place anyway.
egnor, Apr 20 2001

       How do you blow something up 30 times?
angel, Apr 24 2001

       If you enough explosives to blow something up then you have enough for one time. If you have 30 times that amount you can hypothetically blow that thing up 30 times.
Aristotle, Apr 24 2001

       angel: easy. If its a baloon....   


mcscotland, Apr 24 2001


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