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Toy "BOX"

The one play item kids choose first and seem to have the most fun with.
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Have 1 foot square, 18 inch square and 2 feet by 1 foot reinforced card board boxes that are just a bit sturdier than normal then coat the surface with a waterproofing paint to add just a bit more strength to the boxes... and those are the toy. In addition, the deluxe set could contain large-appliance sized boxes for use as playhouses, forts and hill-sliding.

I've noticed over the years that at holidays and birthdays when a child gets a gift they tear off the wrapping, pull the item out of the box and then play with the box... It was even more noticeable this past christmas with an 8-year old, 3-year old and 14-month old opening their packages at the same time. The 14-month old dropped her gifts to climb into the boxes from the other kids gifts and the 3-year old spent several minutes negotiating with mom and dad to keep a couple of the larger boxes in her room. (These are actually good cat toys too... mine have always loved climbing in and peering out of empty boxes)

no12pass, Jan 11 2004

Children love boxes! http://b3ta.com/board/2528410
Read B3ta much? [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       I'm not quite sure if this is baked or not. The fact that kids sometimes like the packaging more than the item is valid. I know I've always been the "find an old refrigerator box, fill them with pillows, and jump off the roof into it" kinda guy myself ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 11 2004

       hhmmmm....in my opinion the whole fun behind them was that they were NOT sturdy...it was an on-going game to see what we could put the box through for our enjoyment until it breaks. Then when it broke, we were on a search for another box. But maybe that was just me and my friends......   

       i still award you a croissant for the good flash backs..:)
babyhawk, Jan 11 2004


       Thank you for playing. Please try again.
waugsqueke, Jan 11 2004

       wait...will it come in a bigger box??
babyhawk, Jan 11 2004

       [scout], I think you meant to type "Baked" instead of "Fink". I think waugs was very gentle this time. Into every baker's life a little m-f-d must fall.
Canuck, Jan 11 2004

       (waugsqueke) thanks for the link, I did do a search in several places for someone promoting boxes as toys but missed that one.   

       funny thing... boxes do seem to be that timeless toy.   

       (blissmiss) I'm not really a new person. I'm not new to the halfbakery either, I've enjoyed the site for months, I just didn't ante up sooner and I think the whole "freshmeat is a target" thing is a crock of crap. If I thought the seasoned players were so shallow and insecure that they unfairly picked on neophytes I wouldn't want to play here. The 1/2B pundits ideas and annos are high entertainment value and reflect experience but I've seen some of their ideas trashed too. (Sorry, I'll get off the soapbox now.)
no12pass, Jan 12 2004

       (blissmiss) now I feel like that woman that filed the copyright for "Happy Birthday" upon finding out no one held title to the song and realizing how common its' usage was. NO~wait a sec this isn't the same because she receives semi annual royalty checks for a few thousand $$ and we'll never see a dime on this box thing!
no12pass, Jan 12 2004

       I saw a cartoon this christmas, baby had been given strange gifts like gold and frankincense and myrrh but was playing with the box. nice idea. +1
po, Jan 12 2004

       definately a + here.. When I was a kid, I had a friend who was moving. They had alot of spare boxes and me and a friend had a great time building a HUGE fortress by attaching the boxes together in the basement. I wish I could have asked for more boxes for christmas.. too bad I couldn't.
v0rtexx, Jan 12 2004

       yes... habbits do die hard
v0rtexx, Jan 12 2004

       A croissant for you+
cromagnon, Mar 24 2004

       // I spent 160 quid on a very early Lego Mindstorms //   

       Don't you just hate it when that happens?
saker, Mar 24 2004

       Miss you, churn.   


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