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Tracking headlights

Head lights that throw light only where you are looking
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TV cameras track the eyes of the driver and the two headlights swivel to throw a narrow beam of light where he is looking.

This avoids flooding the entire road with light, being a nuisance to cars coming the other way, and conserves energy.

neelandan, Oct 03 2005

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       So when you're looking ahead, you don't see the small child, the cyclist, or the grizzly bear just out of the lamps' beam until you've collided.
angel, Oct 03 2005

       Old Citroen Dianes had steerable headlamps that moved with where the wheels were going... Not quite the same thing, I know.
Dub, Oct 03 2005

       I think it was the DS 21; the Dyane was the nasty little one based on the 2CV.
angel, Oct 03 2005

       [UB]: That was kinda my point. Most of the time, when you're driving you're not looking ahead; you're glancing at the curb, at the mirrors, at the instruments, at the side-roads. A broad spread of light enable you to do this without your eyes having to re-adjust to a new light level; you already have an idea of what's there, you just need to look for more detail.
angel, Oct 03 2005

       The interior light comes on, obviously, duh!
neelandan, Oct 04 2005


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