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Traffic Control

Alternatives to Mexico City failed even / odd commuter policy for less smog and congestion
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The powers that be in Mexico City thought that if only odd license plated vehicles on odd days and even license plated vehicles on even days, that the number of cars would be cut in half and the smog and congestion would drop. The policy failed because Mexican citizens purchased any automotive pile of parts that would get them to work on the days they would be locked out. The make do cars raised smog and congestion to higher levels.

Alternative Rule 1: By sex - Only males on odd days. Only females on even days. OR only male drivers on odd days and only females drivers on even days. (Transgender likely gets lumped in with males if population statistics in Mexico City show more females than males.)

Alternative Rule 2: By age - Maybe those at or over 35 years and those under 35 as determined by Drivers license birth date. Population statistics of Mexico City would be used to determine the actual halfway point.

The first Alternative will create a running sex farce as people cross dress just enough to fool the police.

The second would start a run on the drivers license as folks attempt to get a young and an old license.

At least neither provides an incentive to purchase a second smokey old car.

popbottle, Jun 28 2015


       Make it so that if you have a car with an odd numbered license plate, you don't have to go to work on odd numbered days. Likewise for even numbered. Then people would get two cars, one with odd, one with even, and never go to work at all. Win win!
lurch, Jul 01 2015

       The laws and the exceedingly obtuse workarounds derived by the stars could make for a great tv show.
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2015

       Every once in awhile, with plenty of notice, make a Monday "Free Public Transit Day", barring personal vehicles completely from downtown. Shows what public transit can do when unhindered. Include the weekend as well, for road repair.
FlyingToaster, Jul 01 2015


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