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Traffic dispenser

Dispense of slow driving cars
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Divide sections of the road into pieces balancing on a pole. If you drive fast enough, you will be on the next piece of road before the one you'r coming from drops you under the ground thus removing the car starting the traffic jam. Cars under the road are collected at the end and the engine will be replaced with a smaller ones. So if you have f.e. a v8 your engine will be replaced by a 3 cilinder suzuki engine.

Main Road ------------O----------- -----------O-------------

Car Dispenser conveyor belt ----------------------------------------------------

hansw, Jan 04 2003


       Is this a seesaw road? Or am I misunderstanding completely? Also, why the engine swapping?   

       Also also it's "e.g." not "f.e." for "for example."   

       Also also also long-string acsii diagrams may wrap in some browsers, making some artistic handiwork look all skew-whiff. [Single line breaks can be added with < b r > (without the spaces), which may help.]
my face your, Jan 04 2003

       I don't understand the mechanics but I gather the idea is to punish slow drivers (who are alleged to be the cause of traffic jams) by removing their car from the road and downsizing their engine (simply as punishment, and/or since they "don't need it anyway"?).   

       It's not quite a "punish people who do X" rant but it's close.
egnor, Jan 04 2003

       Not to mention the safety issues implicit in any scheme that gives people a powerful disincentive to slowing down.
egnor, Jan 05 2003


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