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Train Car Countdown

A digital readout with the number of cars left until a train passes.
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I hate waiting for cars on the railroad track. This would be so simple to implement. Have sensors in a train and near the tracks that send data to a digital readout above the tracks with the number of trains counting down to zero. If nothing else, you could get a sense of time to wait in a direct and simple manner.
TommyTokyo, Sep 02 2003


       Just tell the time it will take. You can also use it for a warning when a train is approaching "10 seconds till impact, better get off the tracks", "9 seconds ...", ...
kbecker, Sep 02 2003

       I like it. I'd like to see both the car and second countdowns.   

       Wow, almost a year between idea postings.
half, Sep 02 2003


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