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Transcendental Collective "Clock"

The answer to the "Doomsday Clock"!
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I'm so goddamn sick of all the lousy garbage we get hit with each day, all of the negativity that's around. I won't deny that I'm a significant source of it, but that's another story altogether. One great example of this negative thinking is the "Doomsday Clock", also known as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Clock which lists significant events concerning the development and politics surrounding nuclear weapons, and, according to their nature, moves the hand of the clock closer or farther from the relative 'midnight', or nuclear annhilation! (What joy! Euphoric elation at seeing the hand move closer to the moment in which all of our sad race will be wiped from this planet) <---- case in point, cynicism isn't always the answer. That's where THIS BABY comes in. The Transcendental Collective Clock works on a similar basis, but towards an opposite ultimate goal or terminus. That terminus is the transcendence of the human race as a collective to a multicultural, peaceful coaliton. Sure, it's idealist, but that's the damn point. The hands would move forward towards "the dawning" (or something equally corny) with developments like peace accords, environmental accords being signed and ratified, new technologies, political advancements (ie. international gov't, larger role of UN in aid, etc). Crap like that would be recorded, crystallized as a moment in time. We could refer to this bloody clock whenever we think about how shitty the world is. I guess it's kind of half-assed, kind of half-baked, but it struck me like a Hearse with an organ coming out the top (someone link for me before I make even more of an ass out of myself). OKAY THEN, I'm done.


Legend, Apr 27 2002


       Ahhh, but "the dawning" is very subjective.   

       If sport was a factor, for example, would the introduction of Cricket to the few places it is not played encourage this event or would it only be satisfied by American sports being played by the rest of the world. Essentially my ideas of world peace and acheiving humanitarian goals is going to be very different to that of an isolationist libertarian from Texas.
Aristotle, Apr 27 2002

       Would those peas be mushy by any chance?   

       Cricket has actually reached transcendental levels in places like India, where some English sportsmen playing the more international games have been known to be revered as gods. A thousand hashish smoking Indian holy men can't be wrong, can they?
Aristotle, Apr 27 2002

       No, they really can't. To answer your question, I know that world peace and enlightenment are subjective, but there are a few concrete steps forward that few could argue with. Oh, and people from Texas don't count. For example, "removing" Texans from the "world equation" would move the hand forward immeasurably.
Legend, Apr 27 2002

       Prehaps you ought to think about the panel that would decide on it. I would recommend:   

       The Pope, the Dali Lama, David Icke, the English buddhist high priest who survived a 101 day fast (thanks to fish & chips) and Nelson Mandela.
Aristotle, Apr 28 2002

       fish and chips = fast food
po, Apr 28 2002

       UnaBubba: No worries. Demonstrative out pourings of vegetables is not something that offends me.
Aristotle, Apr 28 2002

       I wonder if this "trancendental collective" is the "whimper" of which T.S. Elliott wrote?
supercat, Apr 28 2002

       The Pope? Good lord, no! (No joke intended) Nothing against our current papal pal, but in the past, the position of Pope has been greatly abused and misused...and come on, it's Catholicism   

       (Just kidding...Tolerance, woohoo! I try, I really do)
Legend, Apr 29 2002

       Are The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam a Minor League Baseball Team?
thumbwax, Apr 29 2002

       I don't believe I've ever read a more cynical, negative, dismissive, intolerant, rude, and self-centered rant against cynicism, negativity, dismissiveness, intolerance, rudeness, and self-centeredness.
beauxeault, Apr 29 2002

       "This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius... age of Aquarius..."
Kinda weird that that song was written in the sixties.
You know, come to think of it, I hate that song.
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2002

       just checking how far we've come since '02 :)
theircompetitor, Mar 17 2010


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