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Transformers Kama Sutra

Does what it says on the tin
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Transformers are interestingly shaped and highly adjustable.

A version of the Kama Sutra for Transformers would contain many new and amusing positions.

What more needs to be said?

imaginality, Sep 08 2006

Transformers http://en.wikipedia...nsformers_(toyline)
For the autobotically-deprived among you [imaginality, Sep 08 2006]

And now for something... slightly different http://www.uncrate....a-tshirt-001743.php
Comma sutra [imaginality, Sep 13 2006]

AT-ST kama sutra http://www.scoutwalker.com/
I thought I remembered seeing it done with AT-AT's, but I can't find that now. [Zimmy, Sep 14 2006]

'Skeletor vs. Beastman' video http://video.google...=951172936981697156
Parental Advisory: explicit lyrics [imaginality, Sep 15 2006]


       //...new and interesting positions.//
For example, "Cassette Player rests atop Handgun" not exactly erotic - but certainly different.
zen_tom, Sep 08 2006

       There's a whole myriad of potential T-shirt designs there. Brilliant.
moomintroll, Sep 08 2006

       Another position is named in the caption under the first photo on the linked site: "Optimus Prime holding Razorclaw's sword"...
imaginality, Sep 08 2006

       The funniest idea I've read for ages. I seem to have written that a few times recently but it's true every time. [+]
DocBrown, Sep 08 2006

       I love the T-shirt idea, [moomintroll]! I'd add some illustrations here, if I were any kind of artist.
imaginality, Sep 10 2006

       Another childhood memory spoiled. sigh.
etherman, Sep 12 2006

       Is nothing sacred anymore? Now everytime I see my nephew playing with a Transformers action figure, I'm going to have to laugh, then explain why I am laughing to everyone around. I hate you. [+].
Hunter79764, Sep 12 2006

       [moomintroll] google "t-shirt kamasutra".   

       // [moomintroll] google "t-shirt kamasutra"// <squints warily at screen> do any of them involve robots? Silly question, really.
moomintroll, Sep 13 2006

       I like this a lot (+) I also have some ideas for toys - will keep on hold while this one flies.
xenzag, Sep 13 2006

       Feel free to post them, [xenzag] - despite the admittedly brilliant nature of this idea (the first one of mine to touch two-bun territory! Thanks, all!), I'm not sure there's a lot left to discuss about it.   

       I'm still wondering whether to have a go at illustrating it, but on the whole it's probably best left to the imagination...   

       So don't hold back: show us your half-baked toy ideas. (Maybe between the two of us we can warp *everyone's* childhood memories. ;-) )
imaginality, Sep 13 2006

       Not Kids toys. Right? Well I guess they have to learn sometime.
Dub, Sep 14 2006

       Transformers, more than meets the OH MY GOD YOU'VE PUT MY EYE OUT!
shapu, Sep 15 2006

       My roomate once forced me to watch a music video with Skeletor and Beastman figures engaged in Kama-sutra positions...
ye_river_xiv, Sep 15 2006

       [Zimmy], that's a great link - stylishly amusing.   

       [ye-river-xiv] I found that music video. Ewwww for the lyrics, but the video is funny in all kinds of ways. Very wrong, but very funny. Their expressions are priceless.
imaginality, Sep 15 2006


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