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Tree Energy

Transducers on trees
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Wave energy is great and reliable, but only available on the coasts. Trees are more accessible to most of the population. My thought is to turn the swaying of a tree into energy. Attach the transducers to tree trunks to convert swaying movements into energy. The movement would be transferred from the tops of trees (having more movement than the base) by use of pushrods attached to magnets housed in iron cores. These then are hooked into batteries either locally on the tree or pumped into a central station. Each individual transducer output would be small, but the cumulative, 24 hour effect could be great.
DevoutOccamist, Feb 14 2008

TreePump TreePump
[phoenix, Feb 14 2008]

Piezoelectric Trees Piezoelectric_20Trees
[phoenix, Feb 14 2008]


       Looking at the other idea titles, I suspect there is previous art.
normzone, Feb 14 2008

       Baked by ET
marklar, Feb 14 2008

       Burn them!
theleopard, Feb 14 2008

       Time to add "tree power" to the help file, right next to "gym power".
4whom, Feb 14 2008


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