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Tri-axis Flywheel Stabilized Mug

Lets you park your mug anywhere!
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There are few joys in life so complete as watching someone else work. It can only be improved by sipping tea, offering untested advice and having a damned good lean against a wall or something. Now, the question of where to put the tea often presents itself. Amazingly, people replacing the brake discs on a '99 Toyota Corolla don't always have a convenient solution set up. Often, exterior window ledges are too small and a bit too slanty for a really full fresh cup of tea, there's always the floor, but, that's no good unless there's a convenient low seat.

So, a mug. In the base is a battery, one of those nifty LiPo things I think. And some motors, 3 of, lets go small and brush-less. The 3 motors spin up 3 small, but dense flywheels, arranged in X,Y&Z axes. Now, you hold your mug on a little ledge or whatever, and flip the switch. The flywheels spin up, and the mug stays miraculously where you leave it. Now you're free to say "yup, those conifer roots go super deep, try rocking it a bit more, it's surprisingly warm out really, how many more do you have to do?"

bs0u0155, Jun 02 2015


       Coincidences just seem to be all over the place today. My very firstest first car was a Toyota Corolla.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2015

       Also, would your tea not be subject to precession?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2015

       How about quadcopter mug, you can place it anywhere and it just stays put?
pocmloc, Jun 02 2015

       When you are ready to drink from the mug, the flywheels will still be turning, and they will resist your attempt to tilt the cup. You might need to drink your beverage with a straw.
Vernon, Jun 03 2015

       //the flywheels will still be turning, and they will resist your attempt to tilt the cup//   

       Ah, I thought about turning them off, but the stopping and spinning up again might be prohibitively energy expensive. How about stopping two of the flywheels leaving a single spinning flywheel in the axis of the mug tilt?
bs0u0155, Jun 03 2015

       The inner mug (incorporating the handle, naturally) could be gimballed within the flywheel-containing outer mug.
pocmloc, Jun 03 2015

       //You might need to drink your beverage with a straw.//   

       Beverage. Now there's a word to think about. Has anyone, ever ever ever, said "I could really do with a beverage"? I suspect that the word "beverage" is one of a small group of words which are written but never spoken. Or, if they are spoken, they are spoken ironically.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2015

       Try the toddler section of your local general store. We have a bowl that doesn't spill by the magic of a 2-axis gymballed exterior and a weighted bottom. Uses potential and toddler energy only, both of which are disturbingly renewable.
RayfordSteele, Jun 04 2015


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