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Split the waves
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The tri-amping technique is widely used to keep a flat response in the entire audio spectrum. A similar aproach can be used to get a flat response for recording audio, from three (or more) low cost microphones; may be dynamic for bass and mid-range and electret for trebles. The tri-miking could be done putting all together in one single unit taken care of phases. One filter per band is needed, and the outputs of the filters must be added, with individual gains adjusted for maximum linearity. Of course, the tri-miking is not suitable for very close takings.
piluso, Nov 18 2012

Limit idea: _22cochlear_22_20microphone
Cochlear microphone [piluso, Nov 18 2012]


       I keep reading this as Tri-milking.
xenzag, Nov 19 2012

       //One filter per band is needed, and the outputs of the filters must be added//   

       Why not keep all three channels separate? Filters distort phase, and information is lost when signals are added; it is impossible to reconstruct the original exactly. Just send the three signals directly to the three speaker elements (or combine them if the reproduction system does not support that).   

       As I've said before, it's all just data now, and there is no longer any need to mix down audio to some standard. Just include appropriate meta data and let the software handle it.
spidermother, Nov 19 2012

       //Filters distort phase// The mics must be acoustically arranged, in a way that phases doesn't cancel after filtering and summing // Just send the three signals directly to the three speaker elements// I was thinking for using for recording, as low cost alternative. No data, pure analogue at this stage. //I keep reading this as Tri-milking// My no-native, bad-learned english can cause some side effects in some readers. I just hope don't seem rude or offensive unintentionally :-)
piluso, Nov 19 2012

       ^and misreading Titles is an occupational hazard.   

       I keep trying to think why this won't work: nothing so far.
FlyingToaster, Nov 19 2012


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