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Tripod Caddy

Robot Photo/Videographer
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Whenever a group goes out with a still or a movie camera it is inevitable that someone will get left out of the picture. Well the days of the guy behind the camera are over.

Tripod Caddy is a robot system which basically consists of a tripod built on an all terrain movable stand. Coupled with a computer and an infrared sensor, this intelligent tripod is programmed to follow a subject around and take stills or movies while adjusting the camera or videocameras controls so that the subject will always be part of the action. The subject will hold a remote control so he can change focus, angles or any other effects. Special controls can also be built into the system such that special shots can be taken such as bird's eye view, 360 degree shot, zoom in-zoom out, etc..

As manufacturers build compatibility in their newer models to the tripod-caddy features, other interesting features.

Now you can shoot your own Blair Witch Project ... alone.

3rdworld, Nov 29 2002

State-of-art Remote Control Camera Platform http://www.yellow-s...over%20details2.jpg
Exactly as described above, but probably a little expensive for the amateur videographer. [jurist, Oct 17 2004]

Tracker Cam http://www.trackercam.com/index4.htm
Dear Santa, I've been a very good boy all year and... [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       It's all very well for the subject to be able to control the camera and tripod with a remote control device, but without some kind of visible display showing the image being recorded on the film media, the cameraman isn't really any more empowered than he was with the basic shutter release cable.
jurist, Nov 29 2002

       Sony used to make something like this, without the robot features. It was a two-part device consisting of a pan-tilt head which fitted between the tripod and the (video) camera, and a remote pan and tilt controller. The controller had a built-in LCD screen, and also had controls for zoom, focus, etc.
angel, Nov 29 2002

       <Mike & Heather>Josh! Josh!</Mike & Heather>
thumbwax, Nov 29 2002

       "And here's the photo of the two of us my camera took and simultaneously beamed to my PDA of us watching in horror as it accidentally reversed over the edge of the Grand Canyon"
hippo, Nov 29 2002

       "Take the lens cap off, Hal"
8th of 7, Nov 29 2002

       The "Tracker Cam" is close to your idea. Mount a digital camera on it, and the robotic base moves to follow people -- no ATV feature, though. A digital camera that has a separate video-cam USB output (mine does) would let you snap the perfect family foto.
You'll have problems swinging & swaying the camera like in Blah Witch. Newer video cameras try to stabilize the picture. Fortunately.
Amos Kito, Nov 29 2002

       Alternatively hijack a spy satellite and redirect the live video stream back to your hard drive. That could follow you anywhere, and if you believe the rumours the images are sharp enough to tell if the screw holding on your number plate is a slotted or a phillips.
AJCrowley, Apr 16 2003


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