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True Audiophile hi-fi vinyl record player

Plays a vinyl record, produces actual high quality audio output.
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This record player system has the main components:
1. a shelf full of valuable* vinyl LPs
2. a turntable with tone-arm, pickup, etc.
3. an analogue-to-digital converter, a computer processing system, with pattern-matching algorithms, a fast internet connection, a subscription to a high-quality audio download service, and a digital audio player
4. an amplifier
5. a set of speakers.

Actually it is only part 3 that is the really innovative thing in this design. The turntable can be as cheap as you like, as long as it doesn't cause too much damage to the LPs.

The algorithms recognise the track being played, and call for the appropriate FLAC to be downloaded from the ==>STREAMING<== service. This digital download file is played back through the amplifiers and speakers, filling the room with the highest quality sound reproduction possible.

Downloaded files are stored on the device's internal storage file system, and correlated to the pattern of crackles and pops on the lead in track of that particular disc, so that subsequent plays of the same disc have less lag than a first play of a previously unplayed disc.

(* you can save a lot of money by selling pristine copies of your LPs and replacing them with worn or damaged copies, because you don't need the playback from the disc to be clean on this system)

pocmloc, Oct 01 2019


       Beautiful! [+]
Frankx, Oct 01 2019

       6. accelerometers on the turntable to detect when some oaf bumps into the turntable with sufficient force to jog the needle. This causes the system to play a high-quality FLAC recording of a stylus skidding across the surface of a record.
hippo, Oct 01 2019

       Are you boycotting the word 'streaming'?
notexactly, Oct 01 2019

       And yet the 114th word of the idea description is "streaming".
hippo, Oct 01 2019

       //subsequent plays of the same disc have less lag//   

       It could just play from the vinyl until syncing has been achieved, then cross-fade to the FLAC. For added realism, it could fade-in the vinyl between tracks to get some real noise.
bigsleep, Oct 01 2019

       I was thinking that, when someone bumping into the turntable is detected, that should trigger a temporary switch to actual audio coming from the needle, because that's the only practical way to get realistic, unique-each-time audio of that.
notexactly, Oct 02 2019

       Depends if the aim is to get a "vinyl sound" or a true hifi reproduction of the recorded source. If the latter we don't want the bumping to have any effect.
pocmloc, Oct 03 2019

       But that would break the illusion.
notexactly, Oct 03 2019


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