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True Zero-G

Real weightlessness not some EM wave crap.
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I read Dolphie65’s zero-g idea and knew that it had some flaws, so I’ve decided to make my contribution to the zero-g argument. My idea is completely reliant on the following conditions:
*Proof of the existence of the graviton,
*The successful study of the graviton,
*The discovery of the anti-graviton.

If the anti-graviton does exist then logically it should have the opposite properties of the gravity namely the reverse effect of gravity. Once this has happened a way to cause the production and focusing of the anti-gravitons must be created, once this has happened then you just hook up the machine and hey presto! You’ve got zero-g’s.

The major flaw with this idea (other than the fact I have no idea how we could possibly produce and focus anti-gravitons) Is if the gravitons anti-particle turns out to be itself as in the case of the pion zero, if that happens to be the case then my idea is really F**ked.

talen, Jan 09 2003

Rule #4: Don't omit key details http://krelnik.home...com/half_faq.html#4
I'm afraid you've run smack into it here. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Yikes! I think you're cruising for a bruising here.
Zircon, Jan 09 2003

       Having reduced mythical "anti-gravity" to the equally mythical "anti-graviton" you're back where you started, with a mythical concept that may or may not exist but you're certainly not making any progress toward finding it.
egnor, Jan 09 2003

       Holy cow krelnick, that's quite a piece of work. Hats off.
snarfyguy, Jan 09 2003

       agreed but he is missing the fun somewhat! click on help, its shorter and more concise. [krelnik]'s link is turning into a novel.
po, Jan 09 2003

       The two pages are really about the same size, po. If you just count text, mine is 1K smaller. As HTML the help is 2k smaller (because jutta's HTML is super-clean and I'm lazy).   

       Thanks, [snarfy]!
krelnik, Jan 09 2003

       The gravitons is the theorised exchange particle for the gravitational force. I'm sorry for this idea I guess it does kind of suck.
talen, Jan 10 2003

       the best way to say you're sorry for an idea is to click that 'delete' link.
Zircon, Jan 10 2003

       Bye bye idea.
talen, Jan 10 2003


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