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Truth or Dare Political Interviewing

A television interview paradigm.
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The interview subject is interviewed as normal. The difference? Where a specially selected cross-politic panel of experts feel that the question has not been answered (a) truthfully or (b) sufficiently, the interviewee is required to perform a dare - drawn at random from a selection of viewer-submitted choices.

Might get the kids watching.

my face your, Mar 07 2003

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       If the panel can determine what a truthful answer is, why bother asking the politician?
beauxeault, Mar 07 2003

       [mfy]: sorry, trying to evade a question requires a forfeit dare...
You have to stick your finger in someones ear - when they turn, in shock, to face you you then have to put that finger in your mouth.
Jinbish, Mar 07 2003

       "Truth or dare. Are you, Mr. Hussein, currently developing weapons of arse destruction while destroying a set of missles for show?"
"Okay. Our requirement: walk to the wailing wall, wearing a cardboard sign saying 'I love Hitler!' on it.
RayfordSteele, Mar 07 2003

       I am a fool. Dear Reader, please mentally re-insert the following between Harold's and Jinbish's annos.   

       "A good point, [beauxeault]. I'd like to evade that line of questioning by saying that it was poor word choice on my part. It should read "honestly", rather than "truthfully.""
my face your, Mar 07 2003

       i had the idea that politicians should be interviewed using the technique used by phoebe from friends. ask two simple questions - i.e. 'what's your favourite colour?' etc. - before quickly unleashing the real question - i.e. 'where are the weapons, jackass?'
sambwiches, Mar 07 2003

       I love it, maybe then some of my contemporaries would watch the news (and gain some goddamned intelligence). One problem: no clinton with a female audience/interviewer.
igirl, Mar 08 2003


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