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Try This For Eyes

"... to see the World as others see it ..."
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Human males and females have structural differences both in the eye (composition of the retina) and the visual cortex.

This means that men and women really do see the world differently.

Men have much better low light vision and a high-resolution area in the macula.

Women have a far wider range of colour perception and superior peripheral vision.

BorgCo are now offering a pair of 3D goggles with cameras and processing software that allows the wearer to experience a version of the visual world as a person of the other gender would.

8th of 7, Nov 09 2011

For the uninitiated/unsubsumed http://everything2....itle/Zetetic+Elench
[gnomethang, Nov 09 2011]


       Sounds like vaporware to me. How could you make me see a wider range of colors than I can see?
normzone, Nov 09 2011

       A sharp blow to the bridge of the nose often does it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2011

       // How could you make me see a wider range of colors than I can see? //   

       Not a wider range of colors than you normally _see_, but wider than you are naturally able to interpret. Digital wavelength modulation and/or psychotropic compounds should do the trick.
Alterother, Nov 09 2011

       // How could you make me see a wider range of colors than I can see? //   

       d-lysergic acid diethylamide. Pick some up from your local pharmacist.
Grogster, Nov 09 2011

       I like the idea but if you would permit an observation:
"... to see the World as others see it ..." is the singularly most shittest Vision (did you see what I did there?) and Mission statement that I have ever had the displeasure to hear from an Hegemonising Swarm.
Are you lot pamphleteering in my local neighbourhood now or what?
You might as well be a bunch of Elencher ships!(q.v. Excession by Iain M Banks)
You should All be ashamed.
Make that 'switched off'.

The Sleeper Service.
gnomethang, Nov 09 2011

       //Less S typically used to denote oppressive regimes in movies.//   

       Less S? Are you sure you're not thinking of the Essess?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2011

       // Are you lot pamphleteering in my local neighbourhood now or what? //   

       No, we're the ones selling the boxes of cookies.   

       // Make that 'switched off'. //   

       In your dreams, sonny boy. And we'll be in there too, before long.   

       And yes, we saw what you did. It's not big, and it's not clever.
8th of 7, Nov 09 2011

       My vision sucks in low light, and I see a wider color range and have wider peripheral vision than anyone I've met yet.
So... I don't just get to see like I'm on acid daily, you're saying I also see like a woman?

       It... it just keeps getting weirder... and weirder and   

       I don't even...   


       I have excellent night vision _and_ peripheral vision, yet last time I checked I was sporting only male genitalia. [8th] are working from a basis of gross generalities here.
Alterother, Nov 10 2011

       [8th] is just a bit confused about individuals vs. groups (understandable, really)*. Are the population standard deviation (or similar) small compared to the difference between the population means (or similar)? May we have a cite, please?   

       *Also guilty of taking a metaphor literally, but presumably that's intentional.
mouseposture, Nov 10 2011

       Goggles which systematically substitute one color for another should not be so difficult. In fact I think you could probably have an app for that, using the image secured by a camera or ipad and connect the goggles via usb. Certainly one could use the infrared camera on the ipad and walk around seeing things in infrared.   

       But maybe instead of pure infrared, tint things red or blue according to their heat signature. One could also sub in one color for another, or designate certain colors to be like the bluescreen for weathermen - that color would be replaced by a different one or a pattern or maybe a video. Green of grass could be replaced with bubbling red lava. Sky blue could support images of passing pterodactyls / dirigibles. Certain color schemes, for example in a color barcode, could trigger events - for example if you were traversing an area and saw such a symbol, a virtual character might emerge, walk over and talk to you.   

       Real time virtual enhancement of reality. It might get those gamers outside.
bungston, Nov 10 2011

       I'm a bit rushed, so I'll just go straigh to the joke:   

       [8th],could wanting to *see* like a woman be a precursor to wanting to *look* like one?
MikeD, Nov 10 2011

       I'm sure there's a desire to feel like one sandwiched in there somewhere.
RayfordSteele, Nov 10 2011

       Being a lesbian trapped in a man's body must be at least enough to get on Springer.   

       Only if we get to bring her out later to tell you a few secrets of her own! Whoops! Has someone been cheatttiiinggg?????
daseva, Nov 10 2011


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