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Turbine not turbo

Free ponies?
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Not sure if this exists but if a person was to hook up some sort of electrical turbine at the middle or maybe even the end of the exhaust, to create a Vacuum, and i mean a lot of vacuum, such as 5 to 25 inches of vacuum, wouldn't this free up a ton of horse power, you could even hook up a turbo to boost intake pressure. Point being that is you could get the engines stress level to a minimum then would you stomped down on it, in theory it should be like practically adding a second engine. Only problem i see with this is that your rings might not hold up, and you would have a severe problem when deaccelerating. But if a person was to use a rotary engine then the vacuum effect of the turbine should really make the engine scream something fierce. unlimited horsepower {well almost} should be at the fingertips of a boost and vacuum adjustment switch., All in theory of course. Give me some feedback..I think it would work..Not all the details are given here but you got the general idea.
Haus, Sep 26 2003

Exhaust Systems Explained http://web.tampabay...3liter/exhaust.html
A fairly comprehensive discussion of back pressure. [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004]


       By reducing the back pressure, you will indeed increase the amount of horsepower produced at high RPM. However, at the same time this will reduce the amount of torque produced at low RPM. Tuning the amount of back pressure is a compromise between the two.   

       ...I found something to link to about this.
Laughs Last, Sep 26 2003

       Then there's the issue of horsepower lost driving the turbine...
phoenix, Sep 26 2003

       could people just stop it with the theoritically endless power ideas.if you think your idea can create theoretically unlimited horse power your out to lunch.i would recommened a thermodynamics class or two.
mini1, Oct 26 2003


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