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Turn Signal Light Show

amuse yourself with oncoming traffic
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Have you ever been stuck at one of those huge intersections where a major artery crosses a highway? As a result, there's traffic banked up on the other side waiting for a couple of minutes to turn.

In the future, as a government initiative to reduce road rage caused by waiting for upwards of ten minutes at a set of lights, it is imperative that new wireless technology be produced to network turn signals. Their actions can then be synchronised and produce amusing patterns for surly motorists.

Some traffic light sets communicate using radio signals. Why not utilise this? For example, a car can roll up to a set of lights and then establish a link with the lights which will eventually perform a coordinating function. GPS systems can judge the path of the car and then each car quickly loads a script (depending on what direction it is going in,) and participate in the turn signal display. Fun abounds.

As an addition to this, extra information can be loaded to the coordinating traffic lights like the radio station being listened to. If more than 90% of oncoming traffic queued is listening to the same station, the lights can then tune in, listen, and make another amusing pattern based on the beat, and tone of the music.

sdm, Sep 05 2001

Etymology of 'O-vote' http://www.halfbake...0Yes!_20Yes!_20Vote
thumbwax, I refer you to [PeterSealy]'s idea from January 8th, this year. The first annotation therein profferred the moniker 'Orgasm Vote', which was summarily shortened to 'O-vote'. [absterge, Sep 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       wow and amen. This falls just short of O-vote for me, sdm. I've often tried to create my own light show with my turn signals while sitting idly at lights, but I'm pretty sure nobody ever noticed. <sigh>
absterge, Sep 05 2001

       Superb. Video cameras could be fitted atop the traffic lights, recording your car's registration. When traffic eventually moves, commemorative tapes of the event could be sent to your home for a nominal fee.
kpx, Sep 05 2001

       I like the 'caught on tape' aspect of this line of thought. Coming close to an O-vote for me too.
barnzenen, Sep 05 2001

       How many hours ago did 'O-vote' become fashionable amongst the hip 1/2 bakers?
thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

       Stop being so cynical thumbwax. Maybe there have been just been a few good ideas recently. Besides, this was *nearly* an O-vote, and the only other one I saw something about watching Vernon all day long. What does Vernon look like?
sdm, Sep 06 2001

       Perhaps, Jean Michel-Jarre can get involved and create a Son et Lumiere Spectacle? A whole city could be bathed in a turn signal light show accompanied by an integrated electronic symphony.   

       Public art for gridlocked cities.
serendipity, Sep 06 2001

       So, thumbwax, to answer your question, it was 5784, ±24. ;) (see link)
absterge, Sep 06 2001

       Okie Dokie, thanks absterge. I hadn't seen that particular idea.
thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

       Beats nose-picking or auto-karaoke (singing along with your car radio) while waiting for the light to change.   

       Could we add a dashboard-mounted sync cradle for PDAs to send flirtatious morse code flashing light messages to that attractive person of your gender-of-preference (gads, it's hard being PC) in the adjacent vehicle? WIBNI you could also download a universal translator program into the PDA and then send out friendly greeting messages to passing UFOs? I think it's time for my medication now..........
Canuck, Sep 08 2001


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