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turn lights

use yellow corner lights to indicate which way you're turning
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Many cars have small yellow lights on the corners. These are normally only used in emergency situations ("Hazard" or "four-way flashers"). I thought, why not use them as a primitive version of the more advanced car signalling systems proposed around here?

I'd say, turn on the lights on the left side if you're turning left, on the right side if you're turning right. Maybe make 'em flash or something for extra visibility, I dunno. You'd need an easily accessible control on the dashboard, and probably an audio reminder so people don't forget to turn it off.

Just think -- if most people did this, I wouldn't have to guess about whether that slowly oncoming car was going to turn left! I'd also have advance warning of people trying to maneuver into my lane on a crowded highway... what a wonderful world that would be.

What do you think? Too radical?

egnor, Jul 14 2000


       It'll never catch on, especially not here in Seattle where people get on perfectly well without such bells and whistles.
centauri, Jul 14 2000

       Yeah, right, like I "know" where I'm turning next. Please- you think I can see the future? Also- how are these "lights" operated? I can't be troubled to put down my Big Bite and my cellphone just to "signal" someone.
naveline, Jul 15 2000

       Hang on, I think you're onto something here. But how about a control that automatically switches off as you finish turning!
Alcin, Aug 13 2000

       How about an on-board computer which reads the brain waves/body language of the terminally lazy and does the signalling automatically for the benefit of other road users and pedestrians.
redpony, Apr 03 2001


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