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Turn Stonehenge into a clock!

We put clock workings inside Stonehenge!
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What real purpose does Stonehenge serve, not a good one! I say we put big clock workings in the middle, and laser roman numerals into the tops of the stones so it's visible form the air! Or we can play dominos on a much larger, heavier scale with it, your choice!
Weirdo55, Apr 03 2004

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       not worth commenting on.
simonj, Apr 03 2004

       Stonehenge already is a clock.
angel, Apr 04 2004

       Not just some old stones, then?
lemon tetra, Apr 05 2004

futurebird, Apr 05 2004

       this is even worse than my ideas.
echo, Apr 05 2004

       I'm had some downright terrible ideas, but this, aaaahhhh! It pains me to look upon it! An ill concieved desecration of an ancient relic, ugh... MFD!
whatastrangeperson, Apr 05 2004

       Rubbish! And with too many exclamation marks! Which make you sound like a breathy 12-year old girl! Talking about Westlife or something!
lostdog, Apr 05 2004

       If we modified Stonehenge in this fashion, would you wear it on your wrist? Or maybe round your neck? Like, when you went swimming?
kropotkin, Apr 05 2004

       what I like about this idea is all the demand for it, and how useful it will be.   

       btw, [tsuka], are you aware that your screenname, in addition to its regular meaning which I do not know, also is a bad word in Russian? Well, without the t.
cocktaillouie, Apr 05 2004


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