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Turning platform

Garage with a turning platform
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Very simple: you park your car in your garage, then press a button and the car turns around so that it is ready for your wife :) Saves time, gas, mirrors and even lives...
slovakmartin, Oct 08 2005

(?) baked http://www.allprodu...5/dongyang/dtt.html
[ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 08 2005]

The more halfbakeried solution Turntable_20car
[ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 08 2005]

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       A little bit batcave-y but I like it.
PollyNo9, Oct 08 2005

       That's great IF you have the room for it. Maybe just have a huge wall-size mirror on the inside wall of the garage?
phundug, Oct 08 2005

       I like [phundug]'s idea too.
Adze, Oct 08 2005

       saves lives? you really shouldn't go at *that* speed in your garage.
po, Oct 08 2005

       I perfer the "Drive Through Garage". In one door and forward out the other door. Saves all that dangerous "woman backing". My wife simply can not hold the steering wheel steady as she backs. So, I simply re-desigend the garage to accommodate her and saved my SUV she was constantly backing toward.
Blisterbob, Oct 10 2005

       Yeah, "me too." This has been in the old Batman TV series and each of the movies.
contracts, Oct 10 2005

       //re-desigend //deliberate? hah!
po, Oct 10 2005

       Baked - I've even seen outdoor versions for city-dwellers who don't have garages.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 10 2005


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