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the supersensor

a sensor for no more hours of parking trouble
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there is an internet server that atoumaticaly connects to your car when you enter a parking aera first you will notice a sensor a the the bottem of your screen with green and red dots on it. red indecates tooken parking spaces. green dose the oppisite to the reds they know this by planting little sensor on the floor.
crash, Jul 10 2007


       So it's a way of seeing all the parking spaces near you from a computer display inside your car, and it indicates which are filled and which are empty.
phundug, Jul 10 2007

       [crash] I'm really sure that you can spell better than this! bad [crash]!
po, Jul 10 2007

       He can, but he was looking for parking spaces and driving at the same time while he was typing this. That's why.
phundug, Jul 10 2007

       Good to see you again, [crash].   

       My car is not wireless internet-ready yet, but it will probably not be long before I own one that is.   

       I think there's some other ideas on the halfbakery that address this problem, but your approach may be different.   

       You may want to try writing your ideas in Word and spell checking there, then paste them into here. I should probably do the same thing.   

       Please tell your dad I said hello.
normzone, Jul 10 2007

       Cleaned up version:   

       This is a service available to owners of web-enabled automobiles, which is activated upon entry of a participating parking lot.   

       A parking lot will be equipped with sensors to detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in each parking stall. This data will be presented on the screen of a participating automobile, indicating taken spaces with a red dot and available spaces with a green dot.   

       Extension: If the vehicle is equipped with a touch-screen or other suitable pointing device, the driver may select an available space, thus marking it "taken" prior to arrival at the selected space. This status will be available to all participating cars. For lots which serve non-participating cars as well, status of a taken but as yet unoccupied stall may be indicated by a light, flag, or other suitable indicating mechanism located within the stall.   

       This service may be offered free or for nominal charge. For a small subscription or pay-per-use fee, subscribers may be able to reserve a parking space in advance.
Freefall, Jul 10 2007

       Already baked.. at least to a certain degree. There are a few parking garages in my area that have automated screens that direct you towards the areas of the garage where there are empty spaces. I don't know if there are sensors that determine this or if there are cameras leading back to some guy in a booth who monitors and directs the traffic electronically, hoever, I am always able to find a space with the assistance of this system regardless of how crowded the garage is.
Jscotty, Jul 10 2007

       Where is that...?
BJS, Jul 10 2007

       Yeah, external screens make more sense than connecting to screens inside. At least until cars get a bit more advanced.
wagster, Jul 19 2007

       [crash] is aptly named, if he is spending this much time looking at his NetNav ParkMark 1.7 whilst tooling through the parking structure.   

       If the NetNav is dialup, will the parking space even still be there when you arrive?
elhigh, Jul 20 2007


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