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Two-Ball Sports

Sports with two balls in play
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Liven up sports by putting two balls in continuous play. This matches our current culture of multi-tasking. It greatly increases the variations on play, and requires players to be a lot more clever and alert. And imagine the excitement when a team manages to score two nearly simultaneous goals.

E.g. for soccer or basketball (or hockey with two pucks), use one ball to divert defensive players out of a zone so you can drive the other ball through.

Sports purists might not like the idea - but leave it to the marketplace to decide.

TomRC, Sep 24 2002

Andy Varipapa http://www.lihistor...specspor/hspt10.jpg
[half, Sep 26 2002]


       What if someone lost one of their balls?
Mr Burns, Sep 24 2002

       This is sort of half-baked by Harry Potter's game of Quiditch, isn't it?
hinkle, Sep 25 2002

       Ah, thank Christ. A sports topic without 'Enjoy' on it.
General Washington, Sep 25 2002

       some thoughts: playing tennis would be even harder. bowling would be radically different. hitting 2 golfballs at once? how would baseball work?? dodgeball already uses multiple balls. wouldn't the other team try to swipe one ball & score? soccer fans need only the slightest excitement to start a riot, so doubling it may be a bad idea.   

       i hate sports but i like this idea. i played a variation of soccer in school where there were 3 balls, 3 goals and 2 goalies at each. hectic but fun. and the diversion tactic didn't work as well as you might think. maybe to make it more fair the point values could be cut in half?
industrial, Sep 25 2002

       //"Sports with two balls in play" - I know a few of those, but I sure as heck ain't playing any of them with you.//   

       It's time to worry when he suggests "Four-Ball sports"...
Mr Burns, Sep 26 2002

       It works for pinball. I guess that wouldn't count as a sport though.   

       //bowling would be radically different.// I remember seeing some old television footage of a bowling trickshot artist named Andy Varipapa who bowled this way. (link)
half, Sep 26 2002

       Ever seen/tried candlepin bowling?
supercat, Sep 26 2002


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